Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki. Players can find strategies or builds including champion guides. Be careful about trying to be the king of the hill, remember that Alucard hits hard, but he’s also weak against control abilities. The effects and passives from this item make an excellent synergy with Alucard’s abilities, allowing him to endurance a little more any battle. Try to use minions instead of creatures to earn more gold. The first build focuses on building both damage and sustainability, allowing Alucard to survive in battle much longer. Alucard adalah hero tipe Fighter yang memiliki kemampuan lifesteal cukup bagus. Additionally, his next basic attack will deal with 1.2x damage and take him automatically close to the enemy. Play safe and enjoy it! Hero ini kerap selalu di rework untuk segi penampilannya, bahkan untuk saat ini Alucard sudah di revamp habis habisan dari segi skill ataupun penampilannya. Since Alucard is a very farming and item dependent hero, the best Emblem Set for him would be “Custom Assassin Emblem Set.”. Kali ini ada Hero Fighter yang bernama Alucard yakni seorang Demon Hunter yang memiliki paras tampan. Teleport the hero from one position to another in half a second. Build Item Alucard Tersakit – Siapa si disini yang tidak tahu siapa itu Alucard ? Active. That makes it impossible to run away from him. Dalam latar belakang kedua orang tua Alucard dibunuh oleh iblis, dan Alucard diculik hingga disiksa oleh iblis. Banyak sekali iblis tangguh yang sering menyerang kota. Tank with high cc skills like Franko, Tigreal, or Hylos. Its ability will counter marksmanand even will make people chase easier. Kisah Alucard Mobile Legends. We share all the details about mobile legends for you to have a good experience. Try also to take advantage of Tier 3’s talent Bounty Hunter. Recommended The perfect tactic would be finishing the enemy when he is low on HP or when he is surrounded by your team — unless you are a skilled player. Yup, Alucard adalah seorang hero di mobile legend yang sangat terkenal di semua kalangan. Alucard is very weak against stun and cc skills. Alucard is most often played in a side lane.Check out recommended items, emblems, spells as well as tips and tricks below and see how strong Alucard is in the tier list. Warrior Boots is the suitable boots for Alucard because this item increases movement speed and physical armor that’s useful to increase Alucard’s defense. In this article, I will teach you how to counter Alucard. Also, one way is to not let him farm properly because without item it can’t do much so try out farm him but don’t die by his hands. See more ideas about Alucard mobile legends, Mobile legends, Alucard. Register Start a Wiki. This ability increases Alucard’s Lifesteal by 20% and locks onto the enemy. So, it results almost impossible to escape once he has put his eye on the target. Related Articles. A survival item useful when you are low on HP. It also increases Movement Speed by 30%. Revamped Alucard Mobile Legends Build – Beginner’s Guide. Dec 14, 2018 - Explore Christina Pajimna's board "Alucard mobile legends" on Pinterest. Alucard Features. Banyak kelebihan yang dimilikki oleh hero fighter yang sudah ada sejak awal-awalnya Mobile Legends release. This is ideal for Alucard to escape from dangerous situations, especially in the early game. This first skill is passive skill. Alucard Best Build Bug Counter Guide Emblem Guide Hero Guide Lesley Marksman Tips and Tricks X.Borg Yu Zhong Yu Zhong build Yu Zhong guide RECENT POST Silvanna Best Build, Emblem, Battle Spell, Gameplay Tips – Mobile Legends [2020] Korean builds are known to be eccentric and weird to the point, meta build users doubt it, but those builds prove to be a strong one that it may counter the meta ones. Alucard , sang Pemburu Iblis merupakan salah satu hero Mobile Legends: Bang Bang dengan role Fighter . [2020]. Once you have enough level (about 10), you can go and kill as you wish. Hero yang sangat sakit ketika di late game ini sangatlah membantu anda untuk melakukan push rank. Wikis. Alucard Abilities. Demon Hunter Alucard, one of the most fearsome heroes in Mobile Legends. Alucard pernah menduduki hero fighter yang paling ditakuti dalam beberapa season dan menjadi sosok hero yang juga paling disukai. You can look up to Alucard’s skills, also you can search mobile-legends for Alucard’s Builds. During this time, Alucard’s Lifesteal increases by 100%. Add new page. This item is mainly for increasing damage after Critical Strike. When Alucard uses a skill, he deals 1.2x damage for hitting one enemy and 1.1x for two enemies. Mobile legends build, guide, tips and tricks. That’s why every time you go up against it you feel like you aren’t dealing damage. The Jungler Build for Alucard is the mobile legends alucard build for a jungler Alucard, it doesn’t contain as much Lifesteal as the High Sustain Build. The tank will keep him occupied and you will swoop in for the kill. This one will give you an extra 100 Gold each time you kill a hero and helps you farm faster. Well, Alucard is a hero capable of destroying […] He can recover HP really quickly thanks to his ultimate. Don’t get discouraged if you’re frequently killed; this is usual when using heroes with low defense stats like Alucard. What’s the reason for that fame? Try to avoid coming close to Alucard by using high range heroes like Lesley and Cecillion. What makes Alucard so dangerous is his passive skill “Pursuit,” which allows him to focus the attack continually on an enemy. Alucard, Demon Hunter! Here's my Tier List for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Apart from these, you can use Blade Armor to deal some damage when he attacks. This build is essentially all about dealing damage and getting kills. Not too much for this hero. Nah, kali ini kami akan bahas tentang Alucard Mobile Legends Build Item Terbaik, Emblem, dan Battle Spell ML yang bisa kalian gunakan untuk menjadi terkuat. Item Build Alucard Tersakit Mobile Legends, Selalu Menang ML Adu Pukul! Fission Wave. Dengan kombinasi skill serta build atau gear Alucard paling mematikan, hero ini bakal mendominasi permainan. by Ken October 23, 2020 October 28, 2020. This ability also slows down the enemy by 60% for two secs. Build tersakit Alucard Mobile Legends, adalah build yang paling di incar oleh para pecinta hero fighter ini. With this build, Alucard … Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Mau tau build item gear Hero Alucard Mobile Legends Tersakit, Terkuat Auto Savage Top Global Cold? With his basic attack after casting the first and second skill, it will close the gap between you and your enemy. Alucard jumps to the designated location, hitting and dealing 240 pts of Physical Damage. D. 1 more. In Mobile Legends, there are also builds like that and today we’ll feature Alucard’s build! It’s a build that is best suited for one-on-one fights! He can instantly go near an enemy hero every time he uses any of his skills. Alucard has a very high life steal. Alucard Mobile Legends Alucard merupakan Hero Fighter Tersakit yang berspesialis chase dan demage, hal inilah yang membuat alucard menjadi hero dengan demage yang sangat besar jika item yang dimilikinya telah lengkap terpenuhi. Mobile Legends Build is a guide created for the Mobile Legends Game. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Share via Email Print. If the enemy is out of ability range, you can also use an ability on a minion and you’ll teleport to it. Alucard: Demon Hunter Difficulty Mobile Legends' Demon Hunter, Alucard, mixes both a fighter and assassin playstyle to combine heavy offense with decent durability. While it still has the lifesteal effect in play, it is not that much of a priority. This item also makes good synergy due to the significant reduction of Movement Speed to the enemy. Uranus Best Build Emblem Guide Spell – Mobile Legends [2020], Silvanna Best Build, Emblem, Battle Spell, Gameplay Tips – Mobile Legends [2020], Lesley Best Build, Emblem, Guide, Spell – Mobile Legends [2020], X.Borg Best Build, Emblem, Guide, Spell – Mobile Legends [2020], Mobile legends is not loading / Working: Error 86. This item is key for Alucard, so try to get it early on. What’s the reason for that fame? Build Alucard Mobile Legends Terbaru – Alucard pernah menjadi hero yang sering di-pick pada awal-awal season Mobile Legends karena Damage dan Lifesteal yang tinggi saat late game.. Walaupun saat ini damage dan lifesteal Alucard masih tinggi, namun dia jarang di-pick lagi karena banyak hero yang bisa counter Alucard dengan mudah. Alucard akan semakin Over Power dengan memanfaatkan pasif skill yang dimilikinya dan item lifesteal yang digunakan nya. His price, 15k battle points. Alucard lahir di sebuah kota yang menjadi wilayah perang. Orang tuanya adalah seorang prajurit di kota tersebut. You can use it instead of Blade Armor when you are sure you can farm without being worried about any enemy trying to give you problems. Table of Contents1 Introduction2 Skills2.1 Pursuit (Passive)2.2 Groundsplitter (Active)2.3 Whirling Smash (Active)2.4 Fission Wave (Ultimate)3 Emblem Set4 Spells5 Build5.1 Pure Hunter Build6 Tips on How To Play Alucard Introduction Demon Hunter Alucard, one of the most fearsome heroes in Mobile Legends. Dengan mobility yang cukup baik, kemampuan 1v1, dan juga damage tinggi membuat Alucard menjadi salah satu fighter terbaik di Mobile Legends. +65 Physical Attack, +25 Magic Power, +25 HP, +300 Mana, +5 Mov Spd, +15 Lifesteal. Also he has a crowd control skills. Press ESC to cancel. 4 more. Alucard Mobile Legends Build. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. admin. Build Over Power Hero Natalia. Berikut Guide Alucard, build item khusus Alucard dan beragam tips trik menarik seputar Alucard Mobile Legends. Copyright 2021 Savage Master All Right Reserved. Share. So we have two builds for Mathilda, one to play her as a support and one to play as an assassin mage. Untuk memaksimalkan penggunaan Alucard dalam pertempuran di Mobile Legends. Build Alucard Tersakit Anti Mati Mudah Savage – Alucard merupakan salah satu hero yang memiliki role Fighter sekaligus Assassin yang keberadaannya sudah sangatlah lama di Mobile Legends. Passive gives Alucard the “chasing effect” using your attack after every skill will move you to the target you’re trying to attack.This works on all targets, including Towers, so do take note. Your job as Assassin is to kill enemy heroes but try to focus first on farming and get stronger as quickly as you can. When it comes to gameplay, we can break it down in three phases for Uranus. In this regard, it’s essential you practice enough to master Alucard’s passive Pursuit — in mid and late games, this will be crucial to “hunt” enemy heroes and causing them the maximum possible damage during group battles. In this build you’ll want high attack power, life steal and one defensive item in the late game. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? The more natural way to make effective use of Pursuit is alternating the application of skills with basic attacks continually — one skill, basic attack, one skill, basic attack. He is weak in early games, so don’t get too much excited at that time trying to kill enemies in solo fights. BDO Black Desert Gear Guide For Beginners/Noobs 2020, BDO Kamasylvia Daily Peridot Routine Quests, BDO Guide To Getting Master 2 Or Artisan 2 Trading, BDO Sailing Sea Monster Hunting Guide 2020, Black Desert Online Node Guide For Beginners, BDO How To Get More Max Weight Life-skills/Processing, Black Desert Online BDO Dark Knight Guide 2020, Epic Seven How To Increase Friendship Guide 2020. You can use this item instead of Magical Boots since the first is great for any fighter in general — it’s good for defense on early game, which is suitable for Alucard. See more ideas about alucard mobile legends, mobile legends, mobile legend wallpaper. Most of the assassins can single-handedly take down Alucard such as Natalia, Ling, Guison, Harley. +15 Physical Attack, +1,000 HP, +10 Cooldown Reduction. How to Use This Build. Alucard slashes at nearby enemies and deals 230/380 (depending on level) of Physical Damage. Item Build. Moonton Selaku developer game Mobile Legends akan memberikan Revamp kepada Alucard dari sisi skill dan tambahan efek animasi dari setiap skill yang ada. Build Over Power Hero Karina. You can easily counter alucard using battle spell purify. Edit Tab | Passive If Alucard's skill hits 1 enemy, it … Beberapa bulan kemudian di selamatkan oleh […] Has a Cooldown of 9/6.5 secs. Build Over Power Hero Tigreal. This is a great standard build for almost any situation. Useful when you are farming and want to keep enemies away from you to avoid losing your gold. Ayah dan ibu Alucard bertugas menjaga kota dari serangan iblis. Warrior Boots: The first item that every hero in Mobile Legends is the boots because the boots help a hero roam and farm quicker. The above set will enhance single-target killing power, which is perfect for heroes with high damage stats — including Assassins and Marksmen. Ngomongin build atau gear Alucard yang mematikan, mau kasih tau kamu nih rekomendasi build Alucard yang digunakan oleh para top global, seperti Cold. Ditambah dengan rekomendasi Emblem dan Spell +65 Physical Attack, +25 Critical Strike Chance. Note: You can also substitute some items here. February 1, 2019. The extra Lifesteal effect it provides is good when you are in a solo fight against several enemies. Alucard is an annoying hero especially for grandmaster and below rank. Since you don’t need to stay in a lane for too long and jungle creeps provides HP when slained allowing you to continuously gank lanes without recalling to base. This build is all about raw physical power. Alucard doesn’t use mana, so we use this item to allow his abilities to be triggered more frequently. Alucard adalah hero role mobile legends Fighter assassin yang memiliki skill Chase dan Ultimate yang memiliki efek lifesteal membuatnya menjadi seorang Fighter dengan durability yang besar dan bisa menjadi assassin yang ganas. 1,744 Pages. Alucard Tier: C. Mon Nov 02 2020 3 months ago. If you are going two against one Alucard then it would be best for one of you to be a damage dealer and others to be a tank. Mobile Legends Uranus Gameplay Tips. This spell gives the hero a protective shield of 720/1420 pts for 3 secs. Balmond Role: Fighter You might have tried to go 1v1 and mostly lost. Another tip is to avoid using your ultimate skill on enemies with high HP. Try to play from a safe position (i.e., waiting in the jungle until the right moment is present to put on your hands an easy kill.). You can use it instead of Corrosion Scythe. It can easily kill squishy heroes like they are nothing. This spell is especially useful for Alucard during the early game when some enemy heroes might be chasing him in the jungle. Disclaimer: Alucard is a farm dependent hero, so please get a Hunter’s Knife with your first 300 gold. You can pick any marksman. Panduan bermain dan build item Alucard Mobile Legends (ML) tersakit, terbaik, dan terbaru 2021. His passive skill is also very annoying. Even though Uranus looks invincible, there are some aspects that should be taken into consideration to reach that moment. Alucard juga memiliki keunggulan build yang banyak, membuatnya cukup fleksibel dan bisa mengikuti komposisi build. It teleports you to the enemy which was hit by an ability so it is useful for closing the distance. Alucard’s passive ability is very useful for killing heroed if used right. As we said before, Alucard is very farming and item, dependent hero. How to counter Alucard in Mobile Legends? Our Uranus guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late game in Mobile Legends. And because of this, he can even 1v5 against opponents. At the same time, he releases a powerful wave that deals with 440/760 pts of Physical Damage to enemies within the area. He is very good in chasing heroes because of his passive skill. Mobile Legends Mathilda Best Build Mathilda is very good for supporting team mates as well she can easily one shot low HP heroes with her assassin skills. Besides that, Alucard is a hero that requires patience and tactics because he is weak on early game and can be killed quickly if you are not careful. Well, Alucard is a hero capable of destroying a complete enemy team even in a fight one vs. 5. Purify removes all negative effects from user and grants immunity to controlling effects for 1.2 secs. This item is key for Alucard since he is a hero weak against control abilities. 3. Jan 2, 2020 - Explore ندى's board "Alucard mobile legends" on Pinterest. +50 Physical Attack, +400 Attack Speed, +15 Attack Speed. S. 2 more. Alucard | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Wiki | Fandom. You can also use heros with cc like Aurora. Alucard is very powerful fighter in Mobile Legends. B. Early game free skin Alucard mobile legends moba Alucard top build Alucard mobile legends. Purify can help you escape save from sticky situations. Games Movies TV Video. It also gives 50% of shield pts to any nearby ally hero. So great is his damage potential, besides his great mobility, that he can be determinant in helping your team win the battle. Alucard is a fighter / assassin that has high physical offense and lifesteal.
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