Entertainment - It is said that spitting may also be used to keep witches from using fingernail clippings and hair trimmings in their spells. A custom on the other hand, is defined as the practice followed by the religious /any other group. So what comes to your head when you read this? Chills run down your spine as you get a feeling of foreboding. So I was told to take water and relax but I kept on wondering who could be that mentioning my name!! Mirror, Nine healthy habits you should adopt this year Lady Speak - Lady Speak - Even though some wishes don’t come to pass, you will still make a wish when whenever you see a shooting star. Though we live in the 21st century, this element is still part of us. Nancy Nzalambi, 13 illegal things to do in a relationship - from gaslighting to jealousy Now here’s one most of you probably aren’t aware of, but if your foot falls asleep on you, spitting on it will perk that puppy right up, at least that’s what they say anyway. Here at Odd Random Thoughts we’ve discussed many different Superstitions, some of which are more seriously taken than others. By Beryl Wanga Itindi, My word: Our Japanese tea ceremony post tonsillectomy problems no taset, choking feeling, feel lousy anterior cervical fusion/choking and swallowing issues i accidently swallowed marijuana smoke choking on saliva, I can't catch my breath sudden feeling of choking But I suppose this will hold true with most superstitions as you must believe in order for them to hold much meaning in your life. Entertainment - Becky jumped out of her chair. The only sound I could hear was gurgling from the other line like someone was choking on fluids or saliva. Some cultures believe that if it’s the left eye then you will cry as you may lose a relative but if it’s the right eye it’s going to rain heavily. I know that if my parents spat on me when I was a kid, I would of thought I had done something terribly wrong. Spitting on crops before a harvest is said to bring good luck and a prosperous crop. Since like June when in downtown Cleveland, all summer, fall, when men passed me walking and in car, they spit on side of me or vehicle when stopped in traffic. Lady Speak - Bucky wanted to concur, but he was actually choking on his own saliva and Steve was only making it worse by aggressively slapping him on the back. I'm not sure who this Spunk B. Davis guy is but, imo, he should be given the key to the kingdom. The House in Fresno. This sort of ties in with idea of karma, because it’s believed that the wrong doer will subsequently get their just desserts. If you take a trip out to Sea, don’t forget to spit with the wind to prevent any terrible storms from forming while on your journey. Lady Speak - Factory workers have also been known to spit on their hands in hopes of a good days work. They will often times spit on their gloves or fists before the fight begins. Though I don’t know if is true or not but it actually what I will tell my kids to do! Many people in the superstitious realm believe that when a person spits they are releasing a small part of their soul that signifies a gift to the gods. This is said to also protect their children from misfortune. But from a superstitious stand point, the spit hold magical properties as discussed earlier. Lolita Bunde, 10 rules for perfect sleep including trick to get an extra one hour every night, sleep expert We’ve talked about many different superstitions of spit and how it may bring you good luck and great fortune, but we can’t leave out the healing powers of spit and saliva. Mirror, Kenyan women reveal heartbreak and disappointment in the hands of money hungry lovers to know that she had to try something. Wellness - Living - Lesions or tumors in the throat. Yes, I am Puerto Rican by Way of Superstitions and Rituals: Avoiding the “Mal de Ojo” I am always on the lookout for an evil eye: or the “mal de ojo” There are people who are so jealous of you that their energy gets converted into some weird negative force field around you causing you recurring harm. Remarks: Bridge City News Live Interviewer Jeannette Rocher Goes off Reservation with Dr Stephen Mulhouse a Honest Physician and he Spills the Beans about Medical Beaurocrats of the Political Establishments addressing with raw honesty the sacred cows of the Virus COVID-19, the Wearing of Masks and worst of all the COVID-19 Vaccines FULL STORY HERE: Saliva has also found its way on to exam papers, footballs and baseballs, fishing nets and even on the bare palms of the business man shaking to seal a big deal. It is a tradition of literally touching, tapping, or knocking on wood , or merely stating that one is doing or intending to do so, in order to avoid “tempting fate” after making a favorable or … By It could also be a sign your Spirit wants to be heard and begging you to speak up. special characters and numbers. Lady Speak - It’s often used in rituals to ward off demons and evil spirits. Hi Robert. Dad! Lady Speak - You’re choking!” She didn’t know how to do abdominal thrusts, but she’d seen enough cop dramas on T.V. He stumbled out of his chair and back against the wall, quickly changing from his normal ruddy complexion to a pale blue-white. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on the latest developments and special You believe that it’s a sign that you will receive money. By Probably the easiest of sacrifices if you ask me, but very powerful none the less. A book titled Treasury of Superstitions. throat choking Throat felt tight, developed to pain. There are literally tons of these popular superstitions on spitting and we can’t cover all of them here in this single post. Superstitions about spitting and saliva have been around for a very long time and seem to go along with other superstitions that deal with fluids of the body. Christine Koech, My word: Here’s to hope A laryngospasm feels similar to choking. By using our site, you agree to use our cookies. lol So this one may not be for everyone, but it is indeed used by some. By Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated on the latest Choking on your saliva when talking. Waking up in the middle of the night is common. I got scared so I hung up. Obviously, superstitions in any culture are not that culture’s best feature! By Some women would move hands in sort of “signal”, ritual. Hopefully someone will chime in on this point in the comments below. By By When you are talking and suddenly your saliva chocks on you and you start coughing to others it’s not just a natural thing. The point is that life does not consist only of physical appearance and interaction; there must be something deeper than that. Wellness - Superstitions about spitting and saliva have been around for a very long time and seem to go along with other superstitions that deal with fluids of the body. We grew up believing when you see a shooting star and make a wish before it disappears, your wish will come true. Tony Mochama, Meet Joe Biden's family, behind him all through during his decades in politics Dec 31, 2013 - From the ones you already know to the truly bizarre ones you've never heard of, here are some New Year's Traditions and Superstitions. It could also be a sign your soul needs to express some emotions. When our eyes blink continuously some believe its normal while to others it signs of something that will happen. Benign or cancerous lesions or tumors in the throat can narrow the … An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Any presence of it around your compound indicates a loss of one member of your relatives (a funeral). But I would like to mention a few more that I uncovered during my research, after all they are very interesting, don’t ya think?
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