Luckily Mercari suspends my account and cancels the purchases. January 30, 2020. 21, Report #1382980 . They won't let you know which item you sold has problems but suspended your account. They have me blocked so I know that they aren’t oblivious. It’s deceptive to the buyer too. I have a default card and address I use. You can't speak to a real person. Stole money from Debit Card. 0. I guess on the bright side that means my photos look good . Jul 03 2017 08:09 PM . So sorry, that’s a substantial loss, Etsy is just as bad. No way! Now that my password has changed and I've removed all my sensitive information from my account I see that they left their address on my account. View all 2 Comments. Because of how hard it was to find this gift set, I just wanted my money back so i could purchase a similar item in the gift set. Only EBay was willing to cooperate on ANY level. 5/1/19: Mercari still refuses to take payment from the buyer and it is my opinion that they are abetting this buyer because she has over 800 reviews on their site and I only have 6. I had $40 in my balance from the previous items I'd shipped out and Mercari stole that. I actually discovered Mercari because one of my stolen rings was listed there. I sold a gucci fashion watch on Mercari site it was shipped and confirmed buyer recieved it after 3days when the transaction was to be finalized mercari said it was not recieved when usps clearly said dropped in the mailbox at address. Stole my debit card information and made illegal transactions for about $500. This person gets into my account and makes 3 purchases totaling up to $295.30. However Mercari views me, I am a seasoned full-time reseller since 2005 with 7,038 … Mercari stole my money for half a year and never answered customer calls. Mercari review rated 3.0/5.0 with 5 Comments: I made an offer with some girl for pants. In fact their customer support is a joke. Ripoff Report on: Mercari - Nbspmercari stole my money and merchandise internet. And i have been waiting on the pants for 3 months now and it never showed. I need my account unsuspended because i have money in the app that needs to be transferred ASAP because im really tight on money Yes, Mercari is legit. And i guess she accepted the offer cause it took the money off my card. It costs a lot of time and money. Etsy & Poshmark allowed a person who robbed me to fence my Jewelry there. I was just shopping and buying on the Mercari app, then out of no where, they suspended my account indefinitely, stating that I cannot have another account if my old account was terminated or suspended. They are thieves. X | CLOSE. Internet . Scammers be aware. Interesting way to steal. My last transaction will probably be my final one. Author: port arthur, Texas. The other reason is to protect themselves from contributing to sales of stolen property (not saying you stole it but thMercari. Now Bank of America is trying to get my money back from these scammers You've been warned. Too many times. The app closed my account and kept my balance. There is also no customer service what so ever, you can never get … Brenda Washington. Mercari stole my money and merchandise Internet . Mercari is refusing to reimburse my money for the product and the $13 dollars I wasted to send this product out to a deceitful buyer. I bought a gift set that a good deal, hard to find but upon arrival it was missing an item! Questionable Activities: Mercari Internet. Mercari aka Mercari Inc FBO They are refusing to give me my money. It's basically a chat session back and forth through the APP. I told them I've never had more than one account and they replied with the same thing. Then I was up today and realize they stole two more of my photos, one that I took yesterday. Helpful (3) No. First off, this seller never updated tracking, their communication was poor. HANDLED completely all wrong. I contacted Mercari but sellers, USE YOUR OWN PHOTOS.
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