What options do I have if I want to study further after merchant navy? winches and cranes 6. manage ship communication systems 7. monitor and maintain safety, firefig… With proper experience and after gaining a watch-keeping certificate, he becomes AB. The eligibility criteria vary according to the course you want to join and the country you belong to. Merchant Navy Salary in India or you can say Commercial Navy being a reason of fascination among people of today’s youth. He also assists the engineering officer during maintenance and overhauling jobs. He is at par with the rank of Captain but technically comes under him according to the ship’s hierarchy system. How to do marine engineering after doing mechanical engineering, One can join merchant navy by taking up courses by –. After completing the 3-year degree course, 12 months onboard training and modular courses, one can appear for second mate exams. Unlike engineers in other fields who always have people to assign jobs to, marine engineers on board have to perform a lot of jobs on their own, many times without any assistance, as the manpower on board is limited. – deck, engine or rating. Most of the companies have a 9-month contract for ratings and it can take about 6-7 years to become an officer. So there are chances that you might not see some of the lower ranks on a few vessels. 2 GME course. INR 400,000- 600,000  / year, 1 year Graduate Mechanical Eng. 6 DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science) course. All India MERCHANT NAVY (IMU-CET 2021) Latest Notification MERCHANT NAVY ONLINE REGISTRATION 2021 Batch - Register-Now Indian Maritime University IMU CET July 2021 Batch. The second engineer is also responsible for operation and maintenance of the main engine, boilers and steam system, steering gear, ship safety systems and equipment, deck crane, lifeboat and lifeboat engine etc. Merchant navy is traditionally viewed as a male-dominated industry. Get the best rank Marine Institute Admission. Officers are supposed to wear the uniform when on the ship’s bridge, mess room or as asked by the ship’s captain. Though no one is going to deny you a job or admission for having a tattoo, it is recommended to get in such places that can be easily hidden when required. Merchant navy ranks might differ a bit depending on the country to which the ship belongs and the shipping company. Watchkeeping or watchstanding is the assignment of sailors to specific roles on a ship to operate it continuously. Nautical Science course                   –  Approx. b. Most of the jobs need to be done manually. Data and charts, if used, in the article have been sourced from available information and have not been authenticated by any statutory authority. Merchant Navy, Second World War The term Merchant Navy refers to a nation’s commercial shipping and crews. o. (Check FAQ section below for more details), 2.Become a deck officer by pursuing a degree in Nautical science. There is also a four-year course in nautical technology for those interested. The number of people on a merchant navy ship mainly depends on the type, size and category. and as directed by the 2nd officer. The Able-Bodied seaman performs deck jobs such as Chipping, painting, cleaning, etc. Shamed merchant navy officer had indecent images of babies and children chroniclelive.co.uk - Rob Kennedy. READ MORE- TOP MERCHANT NAVY COLLEGES IN INDIA, Ranks in Merchant Navy- Comprehensive Guide, 3 WAYS JUMPSTART YOUR CAREER IN MERCHANT NAVY, FIVE THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND BEFORE JOIN MERCHANT NAVY. Navy personnel were exempt from income taxes, while merchant mariners paid income taxes and "Victory" taxes. The requirements to join as a rating is pretty basic. you want to pursue nautical science or marine engineering) then you must have a PCM score i.e. Latest Salary in merchant navy are mentioned here. You can also join a ship as ETO (electro-technical officer) if you have a background of electrical or electronics. ₹ 5,000 and above ₹ 6,000 and above ₹ 7,000 and above ₹ 8,000 and above ₹ 9,000 and above ₹ 10,000 and above ₹ 15,000 and above ₹ 20,000 and above If you still have any specific question regarding joining this field, please send us a mail at info@marineinsight.com. Make sure you are prepared for it. On completion of nautical science course, you will join a ship as a trainee/deck cadet and then move ahead in the ranking system as =  third officer/mate -> second officer/mate -> chief officer/mate ->> captain. The Merchant Navy Association (MNA) was “launched” in 1989 and established a unique opportunity for seafarers to get together to form a countrywide consensus on a range of issues and ideas. Merchant Navy Course Fees. Check out these 42 websites for finding merchant navy jobs. The Captain (Master) – The captain is the final authority and the head of the ship. Marine Engineering. Chief engineer is at power with the Ranks in Merchant Navy of the captain the technically comes under him according to the ship’s hierarchy system. Salaries for Related Job Titles. Read More- FIVE THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND BEFORE JOIN MERCHANT NAVY. in India, if you want to join a ship as an officer ( i.e. 4th Engineer – He/she is responsible for fuel and lube oil purifiers, air compressors, bunkering operations, etc. Steward gains experience and progresses to become the chief cook. We highly encourage female students to join the merchant navy and explore the different opportunities provided by the industry. He caters to the needs of both deck and engine department. n. What Are Future career prospects in the merchant navy? 86. Merchant Navy Salary. With proper experience and after gaining a watch-keeping certificate, he/she become AB. The Merchant Navy Fund is a collaborative initiative by the Merchant Navy Welfare Board and the charity Seafarers UK. He also assists the duty officer in ship navigation watch. Below is a very general range of salaries in USD ($): Junior engineer or deck cadet –  350- 1000 USD, 4th Engineer / 3rd officer – 2400 – 4200 USD, 3rd Engineer/ 2nd officer – 4000-5000 USD, 2nd Engineer/Chief officer – 5500-11000 USD, Chief engineer/ Captain – 8000 – 15000 USD. e. What are eligibility criteria for the merchant navy? 10 Common Questions Aspiring Merchant Navy Professionals Ask, What is the difference between the merchant navy and defence navy. The medical requirements needed to join any of the course are mentioned in MS Medical examination rules 2000, which can be found from DG Shipping website. Know More The 2nd engineer delegates duties to other engineers and crew. 3 September is Merchant Navy Day, which was first officially commemorated in New Zealand in 2010. The main ranks and their common duties are: The above-mentioned description and duties are for educational purpose only. If you are looking forward to a career in the merchant navy, you will be required to choose from any of these three departments: A course in any of the above departments will be the “stepping stone” to a successful career at sea. Those who have passed 3 years diploma course of electrical, mechanical, marine, or electrical and electronics, from an AICTE (or any government) approved college with 55% average marks can also join 2nd year of marine engineering course. I will not go for the adventure because now the rules of IMO have become strict so actually you get little time to go on shore leave. After joining a GP rating course, you will have to sail on a foreign going vessel for minimum 36 months to become eligible to apply for a watch-keeping certificate, after which, you can join a ship as a third officer. Merchant navy officers can work as deck officers, engineers, and ratings. Merchant Navy jobs are the best opportunity for young people who are interested in the maritime shipping industry. You also need to be physically fit and fulfil the basic medical requirements to join merchant navy. g. Is merchant navy a good career option for girls? Many of the crews on … i. in India you can join after 10th or 12th, provided you pass the medical examination. The chief cook is a Ranks in Merchant Navy of great importance as he prepares food for all the people on board. Below here in this article, we have listed for you are some of the top merchant navy institutes in India in 2018-2019. 3 What Are Different Ranks In Merchant Navy? Sponsorship in the merchant navy means that you will get a work assurance letter from an organization and work on their ship upon the completion of your course. Chief Engineer – He is the head of the ship’s engine department. admin-January 22, 2020 0. For e.g. (This facility will depend on the country you belong to). It looks at the make up of the fleet and its performance. If you have completed B.E Electronics / B.E Mechanical Engineering, then also can join Merchant navy courses. Interpretation. INR 17,00,000 – 20,00,000 (Total), 3 year BSc. The total responsibility of the ship, cargo and the crew is on his/her shoulders. Merchant Navy Officer Ranks In general, the Merchant Navy Officer Ranks are mainly divided into the following categories: […] This also requires a minimum PCM average of 60% and 50% minimum in the English language. I do agree that this sector has lost its old glory. You can do BSc in Nautical Science if you have BSc in either Physics, chemistry, mathematics or electronics. Apart from being a managerial position, the second engineer is also a clearing watch-keeping officer and usually keeps 4-8 watch. This means that there might be a restriction to bring the family of all the four ranks simultaneously on board ship. According to the DG shipping website/IMU of India, the course fees of maritime courses for governmental institutes are as followed: However, the fees of private colleges vary greatly as there are no guidelines on the same. You are expected to work during rough weather conditions, extreme weather and temperature, around heavy machinery and toxic substances.
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