A total of 22 wells will be drilled from the Perdido spar and another 13 will be offset wells with tiebacks to the host platform. He's talking about Perdido, Shell's latest offshore drilling and production site. * Shell's Odum says project pushes technology boundaries. Saved by Cliff Walls. Technip was selected as the Spar and Mooring contractor in April 2006 and began detailed design on their 14th Spar in June 2006. Perdido is the world’s deepest offshore oil drilling and production platform. 71. . The Spar hull has a diameter of 118ft and an overall length of 555ft. The Perdido Spar is Shell's first Spar Host production platform, but has the benefits of being developed as a joint venture with Chevron and BP. 2010 – Gulf of Mexico Response Project Shell initiated the Gulf Incident Response Project in response to the Deepwater Horizon accident. Perdido is Shell’s first spar host drilling and production platform – a system selected because of the extreme water depths, the nature of the reservoirs and remoteness of the field. Shell Perdido SPAR. Moored in 2,450 metres (8,000 feet) of water in the Gulf of Mexico, this spar … The Perdido spar hull was constructed in Pori, Finland, and shipped to the Gulf of Mexico through Baltic Sea covering a distance of 13,200km in 2008. This includes one of the largest rescue boats on any Shell facility, blast-resistant living quarters, and more fire and gas detectors than on any other Gulf of Mexico installation. The Shell-operated Perdido Regional Development Spar has arrived in the ultra deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico and is currently being secured … Perdido, the deepest water platform in the world, is at the forefront of ultra-deep production. Shell designed and operates the Perdido host spar, a floating production facility, which is jointly owned by Shell (35%), Chevron (37.5%), and BP (27.5%). The direct vertical access (DVA) spar is moored in about 8,000 ft (2,438 m) of ultra deepwater in Alaminos Canyon block 857 near the Great White discovery in the Gulf of Mexico. Shell's Perdido spar platform is just 10 miles to the southwest of the site, and its Silvertip field is directly adjacent - factors that could make it more economical to develop. It is operated by Royal Dutch Shell and was built at a cost of $3 billion. "The hard oil is all that's left." October 22, 2019. The world's deepest production platform is Perdido, a truss spar in the Gulf of Mexico, with a mean water depth of 2,438 meters. The Perdido Spar, operated by Shell on behalf of partners BP and Chevron, is part of the world’s deepest oil production facility. The platform has three topsides for housing the oil and gas processing units, living quarters for approximately 170 people, and a drilling rig. Shell’s Perdido Development project’s drilling and production facility will be the deepest in the world when it begins producing around the turn of the decade. Shell Perdido spar loaded on the heavy lift vessel "Mighty Servant I", May 2008. Shell and co-owners BP and Chevron came one step closer to bringing much-needed new energy resources to the United States in August 2008, when the Perdido Spar departed Ingleside on its way to its final work site, Alaminos Canyon Block 857, in the ultra deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Apr 1st, 2010 G. T. Ju, Subsea Team lead Most of the experienced crew that had operated the H&P 205 on Ram Powell stayed with the rig and are now on the Perdido spar. . The Shell-operated Perdido regional development spar has arrived in the ultra deep-waters of the Gulf of Mexico and is being secured to the seafloor in about 8000 feet (2448 metres) of water. The Shell-operated Perdido Regional Development Spar has arrived in the ultra-deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and is currently being secured to the seafloor in 7,816 ft (2,382 m) of water, a process that will take about one month. Perdido The Perdido Regional Host comprises a Truss Spar, moored with a nine leg taut mooring system and carrying a processing facility. Oilfield Trash Oilfield Life Oil Rig Jobs Petroleum Engineering Chemical Engineering Shell Oil Company Oil Platform Marine Engineering Drilling Rig. Chevron is at the forefront of efforts to develop crude oil and natural gas from the Lower Tertiary. The development … The Perdido Regional Host development lies in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 200 miles south of Freeport (Texas). Shell began producing from its Perdido development project in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico on 31 March.The spar facility sits in about 8,000 ft of water, besting the previous record water depth by more than 50%, according to Shell. Perdido’s helipad accommodates two helicopters carrying up to 22 passengers each, more than double the capacity of helicopters typically used in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the newest frontier in Gulf of Mexico oil exploration. “Whale . The first spar designed for production was the Neptune spar, located in the Gulf of Mexico, and was installed in September 1996 by Kerr McGee. It is the most remote producing platform in the Gulf of Mexico, almost 220 miles off the coast of Texas, and the only development in the … There have been 18 discoveries in the frontier area, but Perdido is the first platform to pump oil and gas there. Perdido production hub in the Gulf of Mexico (Photo: Shell) TechnipFMC said it has been awarded an integrated engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) contract by Shell for the deepwater Perdido Phase 2 development, located in the Gulf of Mexico. Shell’s Perdido spar starts up, becoming Shell’s deepest host in the Gulf of Mexico, setting record well-depths as well. Arnaud Piéton, President Subsea at TechnipFMC, said the development incorporates the firm's latest … Situated 200 miles offshore in the relatively untapped Western belt of the Gulf of Mexico, Perdido — which is co-owned by Shell, BP and Chevron — is expected to produce around 100,000 barrels of oil and 200,000ft 3 of gas per day. The Perdido spar will be the deepest spar production facility in the world and the first with DVA (Direct Vertical Access).
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