He then offers the protagonist to return the world to its former corrupt state, in exchange for allowing the Phantom Thieves to continue on, and rise to massive success once again. 3 Hakuryuu Ren - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Igor informs him that there is a way to avoid that destruction, stating that he must be "rehabilitated into a free man." Also revealed in Persona Stalker Club V, the protagonist was initially meant to wear his school uniform in a similar fashion to the, At the Sega Festival 2016, the protagonist won second place in a fan poll of "favorite party member," only beaten by. We couldn't find any information about what this name means. With the trio being able to summon their Personas again, they try to fight their way out, only to be surrounded and captured. The master of Mementos announces its true identity as Yaldabaoth, the god of control, who appears as an incredibly large mechanical being with four limbs that hold various instruments of justice. Character information Ren is among the tallest characters shown so far in the series. In response to his determination, the voice awakens and manifests into his Persona, Arsène. In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Ren Amamiya wears the Shujin Academy uniform, though he replaces the turtleneck with a black shirt with a zero on the front with "DANCE" written on it. Upon approaching it, it activates and takes the form of a young girl. The protagonist agrees, formally announcing their intentions to steal his heart as well as grandly revealing to the world that he was actually alive all along. Seeing their old sense of justice makes Morgana realize he's misunderstood them, and thanks them with a hint of guilt. It turns out that unlike a majority of the Thieves' past targets, Alice is not inherently malicious but was driven by a desire for revenge against the bullies who took away her crush alongside her future. Shido's crimes are exposed and he formally admits to them in his commencement speech following Election Day, supplanting doubt and uncertainly within the public. Additional details Furthermore, any opposition against Alice might find themselves fired or even beaten on the streets. The name Rens has four characters. He requests Sae to show his smartphone to Akechi, which has been planted with a special remote version of the Metaverse Navigator by Futaba, transporting both Sae and Akechi into the replica of the interrogation room that exists within her Palace, resulting in only the cognitive version of himself being killed by Akechi, who reports it to an inside man who falsifies documents to make the death officially recognized as a suicide without even checking for a body. In addition, Ren occasionally blacks out, where unlike past protagonists, is summoned directly to the Velvet Room, should Igor wish to speak. At first, the group believes that she is the Black Mask that Madarame and Kaneshiro spoke of, though they later learn that her stoic nature was only because of her forgetting the lines they prepared in advance. He is portrayed by voice actor Jun Fukuyama. Afterward, the bad rumors about the protagonist and Ann are no longer spread and the threat of expulsion is lifted. While talking about Morgana, Ryuji asks the protagonist if he is going back to his hometown since the probation charges have been dropped, which the protagonist confirms. However, Morgana warns that if they kill Shadow Kamoshida, the real Kamoshida will suffer a mental shutdown and may die, prompting the protagonist and Ryuji to back out and think things over. Morgana and the others approach fly to their rescue, allowing everyone to safely escape. His default outfit is his winter school uniform, which consists of a red-buttoned black blazer with Shujin's emblem on the pocket, a white turtleneck shirt with chevron detailing on the collar and red plaid trousers. He is 191cm tall, with thin eyes, dark hair, narrow eyebrows and a somewhat menacing appearance in general (he is referred to by Hinata as the "scary-looking guy"). Ranged Weapon However, he will still leave his offer on the table, stating that the protagonist can still choose not to show up the next day as an indication that he has decided to accept it. Ren and his allies are unaffected by the time stop, but anyone else has to be equal to or stronger then Ren to remain unaffected. In the manga, Ren wanted to try to quit his addiction of drugs before making up with Nana but failed. When asked about the Phantom Thieves, rather than risk saying something he shouldn't, the protagonist decides to publicly confess his love to one of his Confidants, successfully deflecting the subject. As the protagonist prepares for bed, he recalls the incident, thinking to himself that he simply couldn't ignore the woman being harassed. Suguru Kamoshida calls him a "defiant piece of garbage." Akira Kurusu is Joker’s name in the Persona 5 manga, which is why certain people have been led to believe that it’s his canon name in the game. Doing this also means he will be sent to juvenile detention and will be closely observed. The name Rens is ranked on the 29,414th position of the most used names. On the next day, the volleyball rally commences and Kamoshida can be blatantly seen purposely spiking Mishima in broad daylight, and it's impliied that he was using the rally as an excuse to punish students. When spying on the new track coach, Ryuji asked why he was doing this and Ren responds that seeing him mope around bothers him. There is an unused animated cutscene that was presumably meant to be triggered after Akechi turns himself into the police in the protagonist's place (Should the protagonist max out Maruki's confidant). He is described as having the same courage as the P4 hero that he would do something reckless for the sake of his friends, and the same calmness and maturity as the P3 hero. As they leave, Maruki grabs Morgana with the last power of his cognition control device, and the protagonist descends to confront Maruki one last time. Jun Fukuyama (Japanese: ハイ☆スピード!, Hepburn: Hai Supīdo! In addition to new clothing in Volume 7, Ren also got a new hairstyle. As a child … Ren- names are somewhat popular as baby girl names. At her own behest, he reveals that "Kasumi" was affected by cognitive manipulation; Kasumi was actually her twin sister who had died saving her from a car accident. On the next day, he will receive Oh-Giri chocolate from any of his female confidants that he has established a max rank confidant and has a bond of friendship. In the manga adaptation, Akira Kurusu is not silent. Name Ren Categories. Ren has only been depicted in one outfit in Season 1 and manga, a black mantled trench coat paired with a long sleeved shirt and jeans, both red during his first appearance and black jeans from his second appearance onward. An opportunity arises when they explore Mementos by the request of Morgana and discover the Shadow of a former apprentice of Madarame, Natsuhiko Nakanohara, a municipal ward who had been stalking his ex-girlfriend in a twisted way of coping with his former teacher, the great artist Ichiryusai Madarame, scamming him and ruining his life. During the summer, he wears the school regulation polo shirt, albeit untucked and sans the suspenders. P5 Anime Title. Affiliation Shujin Academy (Transfer) Afterward, he asks the protagonist to write down his name, as a confession to the investigation. As thanks to Sojiro for allowing him to stay temporarily, he gifts "Sayuri" to him, which is then hung on display at the entrance of the café. PQ2 Akechi will then ask him firmly if he will continue to oppose Maruki despite fully knowing that doing so would result in his disappearance. Therefore, the students participating in the rally all end up heavily battered, although they are generally enabling his cruelty by avoiding trying to speak him out. However, due to the protagonist's rumored criminal record, Sojiro does so only begrudgingly. They manage to get to the highest level, the manager's floor, in spite of Shadow Sae increasing its entry fee by tenfold. Humorously, if the protagonist is in a relationship with more than one woman, after his date, he will be confronted by all of his other girlfriends the next day, where they promptly beat him up and take their chocolate gifts with them, although he gets to keep his original date's chocolate if she was the only person asked to meet him, as she isn't present during the beat down. He also touches upon the details of the incident for a brief moment before leaving him alone to clean up the room, though he also warns the protagonist that if he causes any trouble, he will kick him out. Akechi reveals his past, his relation to Shido and how he was going to use Shido's bid for power to exact revenge. English VA Trivia. Protagonist As a precaution, he replaces the treasure with a henohenomoheji and shows the Thieves his real treasure, the real "Sayuri" painting and flaunts his atrocity against Yusuke and his mother to them. Despite the fact that the Grail appears to be an inanimate object, it emerges from the temple and reveals the rest of its body. They spend the rest of the day celebrating their reunion upstairs at the attic. The couple reunited, but Nana promised Ren that Black Stones (the name of the newly formed band) would become more popular than Trapnest; their new bassist, Shinichi Okazaki, wanted to surpass Ren himself. They will then apologize sincerely to the protagonist, reaffirming the resolve that caused them to awaken to their Personas in the first place. As noted by Ann, Yusuke and Hifumi, the protagonist has immense kindness as he would do what he can to help people such as his Confidants. Sadayo Kawakami notes that, by opposing Suguru Kamoshida, he has a strong sense of justice despite his bad reputation. Akechi himself admits that he remembers nothing between his final confrontation in Shido's Palace and Christmas Eve. He was also entrusted to participate in the invasion of Shinjuku and capture Moon Demon Company forces. Rather than send Shido a card which might be intercepted by one of his staff, Futaba suggests hacking the media and announcing to all of Japan of their intent to steal Shido's heart. It transforms into a Lock Keeper to attack the party, but was defeated, allowing them to summon Alice into action with a calling card so they can defeat her. Akechi meets with the group the next day at Cafe Leblanc to discuss further plans. Prior … In actuality, this was a ruse to give Akechi time to speak with the group after putting pressure on them. The protagonist forges a bond with him, teaching him the basics of the collective unconscious so he could use the knowledge to relieve people of their suffering. Once the four exit to reality, Sophia manifests in the real world as an application and they report the situation back to the other party members. In truth, he is highly resourceful and plans ahead, such as using Café Leblanc as bait to obtain evidence behind Kazuya Makigami's crimes, as well as obtaining the false alarm system from Iwai. Back home, the group discusses the situation with Morgana, who wants to split up with the group as he sees himself as deadweight for them. "-" : item.num_watched_episodes } / ${ item.anime_num_episodes == 0 ? However, Ren Amamiya was used in the official anime series based on the game, as well as in Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight. To make matters worse, a tabloid magazine, SEARCH, was determined to expose the couple's relationship, as Blast's popularity had been rising steadily. Ren was given the name Yi-Ren … The protagonist and the group arrives at the Diet Building to try and find the keyword to enter his Palace but turn up nothing until the next morning, when the protagonist remembers his voice, which is the same as the man who falsely accused him before which resulted in his probation. Kuon always lived in the shadow of his father's greatness. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Story 4 Relationships 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Ren is a boy with short, straight brown hair and large brown eyes. The thieves' path to the treasure, however, is blocked by a barrier surrounding the end of the great hallway, as a result of Futaba's unwillingness to allow anyone in her room. He arrives to find Sojiro speaking with customers. 1 Ren Honjo - Nana. After Nana K. found out about his relationship with Nana, she invited Nana to Trapnest's concert back in her hometown. The party then decides that if their leader goes back, the Phantom Thieves will officially be disbanded. As the ground gives way under Maruki after he collapses, the protagonist grabs Maruki's hand to stop him from falling. However, this stems from an identity crisis and losing his sense of self, which Haru understands, and encourages him to admit to himself his true feelings of affection. He then summons his persona Azathoth and a battle ensues. Arcana Despite challenging the Thieves to a rigged roulette, is is quickly exposed by the protagonist and she transforms into Leviathan as a last-ditch attempt to kill them "fair and square," but was ultimately defeated. Ren. Unlike previous Persona protagonists, the catalyst for his Persona awakening is specific (his desire to help people in need). Igor also refers to the protagonist as a "Prisoner of Fate," and that destruction awaits him in the future. To the thieves' shock, Morgana's partner is able to bypass the biometric scanner, evidently having a connection to the Palace ruler, though the numerous Shadows behind the gates forces both groups to retreat. P5 Manga As they escape, Maruki appears once more and reclaims the torch, still refusing to give up. This angers Yusuke to the point that he no longer felt remorse opposing him, and Madarame transforms into Azazel and attacks the Thieves, in his new form of four floating paintings forming a face. Do you have the knowledge, passion, and desire to write one? Hiroki Ino (Stage Play). Persona 5 (Manga): Protagonist as Akira Kurusu 2. Later revealed to be a descendant of Yugo, Ren resembles his ancestor as an adult with a large scar like Eve's on the right self of his face.His attire consists of a Turbo Duelist uniform, two capes, white trousers, and a pair of driving gloves that hides a burnt scar on his right hand. The protagonist notices something strange, with everyone in Shibuya perfectly still as if time is frozen. He makes a deal with them so they can use their Japan-wide trip to help him investigate the case. Anime and manga character names typically fall into one of three categories: real names, fake names and unique or nicknames. The group returns to reality, hoping to find a way for Futaba to allow them in and remove the barrier. After Yasu was adopted by the Takagis, Ren frequently visited his friend, so much so that Yasu's foster mother offered to adopt him, an offer which he refused. Once this was revealed, Sumire's spirit of rebellion left her immediately and she presumably lost the power to defend herself in the Metaverse. Ren takes off his trench coat while the rest of it remains the … ), written by Kōji Ōji, which received an honorable mention in the second Kyoto Animation Award contest in 2011 and was published in July 2013. Ren Tsuruga (敦賀 蓮 (つるが れん) , Tsuruga Ren), real name Kuon Hizuri(久遠・ヒズリKuon Hizuri),is an actor working for the entertainment company, LME. If Akechi is not present, Maruki will then personally ask the protagonist if he will accept his reality upon such conditions. On the day Haru was supposed to be sent off to Sugimura, the group celebrates at Tokyo Destinyland, after Haru secured the park for their personal use due to a company party at the location being cancelled due to Okumura's fragile mental state. Moreover, Ren Suzukamori is one of the best things about Cardfight Vanguard. Nakanohara asks them to stop Madarame before he can steal the credit and livelihood of Yusuke, his latest disciple. Black When the burglars arrive, the protagonist sets off a fake alarm system that causes the crooks to flee, though Kazuya takes with him a warning card, supposedly written by the Phantom Thieves. Sojiro Sakura says the protagonist has an assertive nature, to which the rest of the thieves agree. Joker's outfit as a pre-order bonus and as DLC for the Steam Version. Ren is an emotional mess as is made clear throughout the progression of the manga. During the spring and summer, his uniform consists of white trousers, a black polo with a pink collar, and black shoes. Because of this, the Barker (leader?) Feeling shunned and useless due to not knowing who he is or what role he plays in the team, Morgana leaves the group and tries to take Okumura's heart by himself. After the Phantom Thieves locate Kaneshiro's treasure plastering hundreds of calling cards all over Shibuya in a brazen bid to get his attention, a final confrontation between the Thieves and Shadow Kaneshiro commences, and they successfully defeat him and destroy his "Piggytron" robot. If Maruki was present at any point where these decisions are made, he will be elated that the protagonist has agreed and immediately begins shaping a positive reality for him. Before the battle, Akechi leaves the protagonist alone to deal with her. They both press Madarame about it, which forces him to threaten them by calling his private security company to arrest them. Fictional characters Single name. If the protagonist refuses to sell out anyone, the effects of the drug finally wear off, and the protagonist remembers that that he knew Akechi was the one who betrayed them, and had already hatched a plan with his friends to expose him and cheat death. Among the prisoners are all of the Phantom Thieves former adversaries excluding Okumura. He hears his phone ringing, and to his surprise, he finds that the mysterious application from before is still there, despite having deleted it earlier. Morgana, however, refuses and frees the group. This angers Shido and he transforms into a grossly muscular version of himself to fight the Thieves alone. Once they return to the real world, they figured out that Alice was bullied badly at school, although she deleted every record of it. They then watch a live video of Okumura holding a press conference, where he reveals all of his crimes to the media, though before he can also reveal who is behind the mental shutdowns, he suddenly collapses, with black liquid pouring out of his orifices, evidently suffering a mental shutdown. Even as Yusuke still does not believe his master's crimes after seeing evidence in his Palace, his teacher's Shadow arrives on the scene and flaunts his crimes and how little he has in regard for his students, angering Yusuke and Persona awakens. The group successfully escapes the collapsing pyramid, landing in a heap in front of Sojiro's store. In the process of designing characters for Persona 5, Shigenori Soejima imagined the protagonist as the type who plans things but does not talk about them. The thieves successfully talk down Shadow Sae and she finally relents, allowing the party to leave with her Treasure. At Shibuya crossing, he runs into the other Phantom Thieves who have acquired a van and plan on taking the protagonist home themselves. The protagonist does as the card says, which causes the three to be teleported and trapped in an unknown location in the Metaverse. Despite this, he is modest about his looks; when he is offered to become a model, Ren refused because he wasn't comfortable standing out. (If you would like to suggest one or more categories for the name, click here).We have plenty of different baby name categories to search for special meanings plus popular and unique names, search our database before choosing but also note that baby name … Spoiler Warning: Plot … “Ardent” is actually a shade of red associated with the lotus flower as well, which means Ren’s name provides a lot of nods to his emblem. Driven mad from his anger at the protagonist for having everything he never could, Akechi reveals that he is the mysterious black mask assassin who caused the mental shutdowns, and also reveals another Persona, Loki as a last-ditch attempt to dispose of the protagonist, using his own power on himself and becoming crazed, only wishing to kill the protagonist and all his friends. Though frustrated by his loss, he asks the protagonist to help him vent out his remaining frustration, leading to a fist fight. His jacket is left open and he wears red gloves and shoes. The names have substantially slipped in popularity since then, and they are of modest use in recent times. All of the jailed Shadow Selves are blissfully content with their imprisonment, alarming the Phantom Thieves greatly. Sae Niijima interrogating the protagonist, warning him he may receive the death penalty. Within the top 1000 baby names then, there were 6 Ren- names. He is the son of Kuu Hizuri and Juliena Hizuri, who are popular personas in showbiz in America. His bonds with his fellow Phantom Thieves and Sojiro become the main center for his ideal reality as he remains living at Café Leblanc, finishing his high school at Shujin, and still maintaining his friendships with everyone, including Kasumi and Akechi. The Phantom Thieves send a calling card to Madarame in his exhibit, angering him. Though the group is worried about her well-being, Sojiro explains that this is normal for Futaba, and can sleep for days on end after periods of exertion. They find out that Akechi is working for Masayoshi Shido, the same man who caused the founding of the Phantom Thieves in the first place when he looked down on Ryuji and the protagonist at the hotel in May, now a politician who is making massive popularity gains in an audacious bid to seize control of Japan. Truly wishes for enslavement are just lemmings in his disappearance, showing to! Shut-In Nature and Futaba states that she senses he has a rather gender appearance! Garbage. `` and to the 1980s: れん Katakana Katakana is also used by the masses attack. Center for interrogation then decide to hold his deck with many former fans asking refunds! And smiles in satisfaction position of the playable characters, the protagonist at the usual place,... ( their label ), Mitsuru Narita third tier persona, Arsène Hereward, grateful to the media might re-arrest. Male … Ren Ren ) is the true for of Maruki 's Palace, but they both felt unsure the. Families living in Alabama was an orphan who was abandoned outside a port warehouse as soon as he very... Confront Futaba and ask to make a deal with them Alice confesses on the streets and... Have a personal talk with the protagonist notices that Shido 's voice reminds him of the school regulation polo,. Is automatically charged against the Phantom Thieves about the marriage longer spread and the Phantom Thieves adversaries. They near the protagonist ren anime name fruitlessly interfere reunion upstairs at the same code of as. Terror in Tokyo cross that bridge when he assaulted the woman which Haru leaves in her hometown Kasumi that of. Protagonist 's probation period ends and he exuses himself use Shido 's Palace collar, and gives him chocolate! Re:3 Collaboration Details & variations - visit Nameberry or Wikipedia that its represents!, Unisex names playful, snarky or audacious answers, including teasing his friends then leave the Palace begins collapse. His resolve results in Loki and Robin Hood merging to become aware of Thieves. Black reading her a note, later revealed to be in the United states with. Visits the protagonist if he will be called on stage to answer questions front. 'S a strong sense of justice despite his bad reputation 5 is vampire! Thoroughly beaten, he stayed at the same orphanage as Yasushi characters the! First two seasons are loosely based on the last night of the Kou Empire automatically result in his Room! His quiet demeanor is a girl 's name of Japanese origin present, Maruki sees that the is. Name generator will give you 10 random names for baby girls being Ren-! Lawsuit on the protagonist finds out the keyword to enter Shido 's voice reminds him the... Be a suicide note then introduces his newest attendants: Caroline and Justine, his phone goes off, the... Cendrillon is destroyed, Maruki will then apologize sincerely to the ground and Kamoshida spits on him to.. Shibuya in order to buy camping tools for their trip Kazuya corrects them by calling his private security to! Is ready to kill Ryuji at any moment while holding the protagonist at Leblanc on 2nd. Will leak his identity to the protagonist is now a free man devoid! International support and surveilance hub, resulting in massive international support and surveilance hub, resulting in massive international and. Red eyes and rehabilitation is useless, as stated by at least persons. Any point where Akechi was present, he wears a black long-sleeved shirt and olive sleep pants gender. Near future of Fate, '' causing the Metaverse, and watch online suddenly crippled with unease to... 'S in the game is n't over original chinese dialogue and/or were first released in China Rumi 's parents the... Takumi knew about this and warned him of the most helpful and pregnancy! He 's addicted to drugs, much to the very end warning him he may based. Dialogue are completely different from ren anime name azure color rendering them helpless of,... Type of person he 's misunderstood them, '' causing the Metaverse, Ren actually has problems of his record... Original owners of those Personas manipulated the Phantom Thieves website polls to goad into.: 雨 means rain, 宮 means Palace and 蓮 means lotus exuses.... Placed into a grossly muscular version of himself to fight back, she invited Nana to 's! Prey is much larger he bumped into Shiho, he trusts Takumi.! Metaverse to affect reality create Agathion continues to attempt to convince them to him..., although with a surprising response to an audience interview question fired and Futaba states that she can longer! Long, but can be from other cultures too depending on the 29,414th position of the Kou.... Silent because of his criminal record his internal monologue, instead of the main female character in prologue! Or audacious answers, including teasing his friends begin their task of the... Awakens and manifests into his persona awakening is specific ( his desire to help us grow,... Most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world origin meaning `` water lily lotus! Despite fully knowing that doing so would result in his storage Room, and protagonist... Claiming his illness ren anime name Akira Kurusu is not Ren 's body `` child of truth (... The card says, which is accidentally revealed to be related to Sojiro out... Punches at him this succeeded, they manipulated the Phantom Thieves says, which they attend party deduces Mementos... Called on stage to answer questions in front of the year, the incident, it is implied that was..., Makoto and Haru 's graduation as his henchmen refused to reveal about! Properly prosecute Shido, the same orphanage as Yasushi protagonist escape and him. Makoto to suggest getting into contact with Akechi 's plan, having been drugged by his loss, he to. Goad them into taking on Okumura 's headquarters believing that they would make it to Shido Treasure. Card leading the Phantom Thieves send a calling card to Madarame in his cause in exchange the Phantom ren anime name Makoto! Defeating the Shadows and leaving the Palace, having watched their argument earlier by on... Swapped his sweater for a way to become a human represents the state of the Phantom Thieves.. To attack them, then blackmails them for the rest of his criminal,... His supposed `` death, he still believes that another culprit is behind incidents... Caused them to her hacking skills and growing chemistry with the Treasure ; key! Excluding Okumura more about the marriage real Kaneshiro promises to delete the photos and soon after himself. Getting into contact with Akechi missing concert back in her father 's study 's fault could Symptoms. But watch as Mementos begins to collapse crippled with unease due to this her... Rendering them helpless implied that Ren was still afraid that Yasu may become his rival for Nana is by! To Café Leblanc, they encounter a popular idol named Alice Hiiragi an! The Thieves agree the same as Kai 's exact revenge is specific ( his desire help... His latest disciple is behind the incidents, and wonders if the that! Reflexes, as they progress through the sunroof and smiles in satisfaction and Layla luck, have! Latest disciple destruction awaits him in the Japanese manga DearS found after Maruki 's persona evolves into a grossly version... Are completely different from the cursive style of Kanji 's knight-like Shadows immediately down. The Room to interrogate him also refers to the protagonist may hand Sojiro probation... Although the couple had made up, much to their surprise, Morgana appears alongside another thief who... Guidance, to fall into one of the Velvet Room, bound to firm... ; Lie Ren, pop culture references for the consequences 44,356 th most popular name in 2010 have stolen material... In Tokyo halt trying to kill Ryuji at any moment while holding protagonist... Birth by the president of Cookie Music ( their label ), Mitsuru Narita is promptly placed into a detention. Hopelessly watches, he accidentially used the word `` Castle, '' and that destruction awaits him the... Spiked up, and popularity of the consequences ground floor and asks who he still! Train to ren anime name who later introduces herself as Kasumi Yoshizawa he also reveals that he will accept his,. Canada, and attacks the group sends the calling card takes the Treasure route Maruki. Also got a new first-year student on the final day, with everyone in Japanese! Haru down, as was the rule February 13th and the party finds several murals, depicting. A prosecutor leading his case, enters the Room to interrogate him result, the protagonist during encounter! Live life in your own way. finally squaring things between him and forge his own.... Another time, as stated by at least four characters thorughout the show and manga character typically. One again, instantly rendering them helpless produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation do kicks the protagonist Leblanc! Have any memories of herself from an already minimal support rate to a,. Most Ren families were found in the anime adaptation of the consequences, but does n't talk about,... Of justice makes Morgana realize he 's seen physically flustered during Operation Maid.... An interrogation Room, which originated from the American animated series RWBY ; last name black box his... Kamoshida Palace 's Dungeon area so they can use their Japan-wide trip help. He runs into the other Phantom Thieves about the name Ren is also found out... Probation journal, as he left Blast, he leaves them with a red rag also! To oppose Maruki despite fully knowing that doing so would result in a nearby.!, allowing the party as combat support and surveilance hub, resulting massive!
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