rate smooth and slow. My Winter Steelhead Flies. A non-weighted, easy to cast Steelhead fly with lots of action. Flies with bright colored streamers, size 2 hooks, and beaded eyes will work best for sea-going steelhead. Senyo's GL Predator Scandi: Greg Senyo likes to blend traditional Atlantic salmon and steelhead tying techniques with modern synthetic materials, and he has done that with the Predator Scandi series. This fly says bite me! Grabflies custom version of Stu Foxall's latest creation is a tube fly utilizing the Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Cones. Our traditional summer steelhead flies are tied on a black nickel, up-turned eye, salmon hook. Over the years I have learned that … Tied with two Chartreuse Grizzly hackle trailing wings and Two Blue Grizzly hackle trailing wings. Locate where the fish are holding and decide the depth of the run you want to swing. The fly swims different, and snags less as the bead will not snag on rocks. (Select below). Tied using composite loops, UV materials and a Gamakatsu trailer hook, confidence is high when using this fly. Size: 2.5 inches. missed. These cones are made of brass and are slotted. This color version has pink Rhea adding to the color scheme and mowing fibers. watch video. This Neo Methow Skagit Leech is a smaller version of the original Methow Skagit Leech, which has more black in it. This is a go-to pattern in winter. That's all I'm giving you for the next 3 months. Tied with Marabou. This fly features a yellow butt. Steelhead are less likely to chase a fly even six inches in 34°F water. Baltic flies for cold water. Rigged with a Gamakatsu Octopus hook. Fly selection is always important, but during the chilly winter months the drift is really what matters most. see good numbers of chrome this year, including lots of our local waters, but What follows is the story of three fish and the lessons those fish revealed to me about effectively presenting flies to steelhead. Jerry's Intruder is approximately 3" long. The pattern is called "Time on the water" Reactions: Shad, JamesRPL+, Davy and 10 others. Also an excellent large Intruder Steelhead fly. The plastic tube is 1.25" long with a fluorescent brass cone on the front. Hareline Bling Rabbit Strips (Click Here), Jeff Layton, Steelhead caught using Evo Bling Fly. Also see Neo Skagit Leech, Purple/Black/Pink (CLICK HERE). The combination of rabbit fur which has incredible life in the water and flashabou creates an illuminated attraction for fish. This Moal Leech is tied with Hot Pink Rabbit, Pearl Fluorescent Flashabou, and Silver Brite Bead. The small size is tied on a Senyos Articulated Shank, 25mm, Black, Dave Robinson with a 12 lb pound hatchery Steelhead caught uysing a Evo Bunny, Black/Purple/Red - Chartreuse Butt. Barred Blue/Chartreuse, Stu's Chinook Intruders, Chartreuse and Blue, Stu's Tiger Tail Turbo Cone, Black/Orange, Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Purple/Hot Pink, Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Chartreuse/Blue, Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Chartreuse Tiger, Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Purple/Black, Hartwick's Cyclops Leech, Chartreuse/Silver, Stu's Chinook Intruders, White/Chartreuse, Great Lakes Winter Steelhead Moal Fly Collection, Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Black/Blue, Stu's Steelie Piglet, Dark Blue/Black/Pearl, Evo Bunny with Eyes, Black/Purple/Red - Chartreuse Butt, Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Fuschia/Shell Pink, Stu's Jungle Tail Turbo Cone, Pink/Purple. A great attractor pattern with a ton of movement from the rubber legs. This gives the fly greater action than a fly tied on a rigid hook. The feelers and rubber legs create  movement, even in the weakest of currents. These cones are made of brass and are slotted. All types of traditional winter steelhead … This fly has lots of movement with a free moving Rabbit wing. The Chromewrecker was originally developed by Lucas Meeker as a large-profile, un-weighted pattern for targeting big water Steelhead in the lower flows of late summer and fall. Also the hidden 1/4 inch nickel bead gives the fly more silhouette - bigger shoulder.
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