• Our current shelter, the Freedom Ranch Safehouse was founded in 2002 as the only shelter in Eagle County
  • In December, 2013 the lease was amended to a five year lease due to the proximity of the shelter to airport operations. The current lease expired in December, 2018 creating the need for a new emergency shelter in Eagle County.
  • Confidential location, maximum capacity of 18 to 21 adult and child victims of violence
  • 45-day maximum stay with intensive case management including assistance w/ access to mental health and legal services
  • The facility served 71 adult and child victims in 2019

I never thought my children and I would be safe again. Bright Future gave me hope and the confidence to rebuild our lives.

– Domestic Abuse Survivor


  • Create a welcoming, sustainable environment that helps to empower all survivors, their children and pets
  • Include gardens and safe outdoor play areas that promote well-being
  • Enhance our security systems to ensure safety for families
  • Design efficiency type units that allow for families’ privacy
  • Create common living areas that allow for community connection
  • Expand offices, counseling and meeting rooms
  • Create community awareness of our work






Champion, Legend & Benefactor Level Naming Opportunities

SafeHouse Wing
Outreach Wing
West Wing Garage & Employee Apartment
Friends and Family Living Room
Collaboration Kitchen and Dining Room

Hero Level
Naming Opportunities

Bright Light Family Suite (1)
Bright Light Family Suite (2)
Bright Light Family Suite (3)
Bright Light Family Suite (4)
Accessibility Suite
Lifting Spirits Elevator

Advocate Level
Naming Opportunities

Sunshine Children’s Playground
Sunflower Garden
Going to the Dogs Run
Reflection Counseling Room (East)
Reflections Counseling Room (West)
Welcome Home Reception Area
Advocacy Office
Leadership Office

Believer and Grassroots
Naming Opportunities

Single Survivor Suite
Dress for Success Wardrobe
Meet and Greet Intake Desk
Keep it Clean Laundry Room
Comfort Rest Room East
Comfort Rest Room West
Buddy Mentors Storage Closet
Meditation Benches (10)
Client Storage Units (6)
Trees for Tomorrow (10)

For more information on naming opportunities, please contact Sheri Mintz at or 970-445-7779.


The BrightHouse campaign was made possible by a $1 million donation by dedicated BFF board member Doe Browning. Doe took the initiative and pledged the lead gift that turned a dream into a reality “As our community endeavors to provide affordable housing, Bright Future Foundation hopes to build a shelter in the purest form for any and all who seek safety, counsel and healing in the wake of extraordinarily difficult circumstances,” said Browning. “Our shelter will bring dignity back to many who suffer, enabling them to live, work and play in our beautiful valley with trust and without fear.” Browning’s pledge represents the single largest donation to Bright Future since the organization’s inception more than 30 years ago.

Doe Browning

“Doe spurred us on to proceed with this campaign with her enormously generous contribution,” said BFF Board President Lissa Tyler. “We are a grassroots organization serving the critical needs of our community, and Doe’s commitment puts us on the path to freedom for our clients.” “Doe’s care, concern and largesse to the Bright Future Foundation will ensure safety, security and long-term healing for the most vulnerable families in our community for years to come,” said BFF CEO Sheri Mintz.


Archibeque Land Consulting, Ltd.
Eagle Valley Behavioral Health
H-P Kumar

Hunn Consulting Group, LLC
Jacobs + Interiors
Pierce Austin Architects

RA Nelson
Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate
Vail Health Foundation


Eagle County Government



Nancy berg
Winslow and Ross Blankenship
Doe Browning/Winmax Foundation
Nancy and Andy Cruce
Lucy and Ron Davis
Cindy Engles
TeXas Women’s Foundation

Kristi and Craig Ferraro
Cookie and Jim Flaum
Susan and Harry Frampton
Sheika gramshammer

valerie and robert gwyn

Dwight Henniger
Yvonne and chris Jacobs
Amy and carter Keller
Laine and Merv Lapin

Sheri and Michael Mintz
Tom Moorhead
Susan and Steve Suggs
Lissa Tyler and Mike Larson
Colleen Weiss-Hanen and chris hanen
Deborah Wittman and Rik heid