Unfortunately I do not know of any singable versions in English yet. 用我百点热耀出千分光 Thank you for your kind comments.. Vigorous when facing the beatings of ten thousands heavy waves In some lyrics, I saw the word 耀 is used instead of 照. In a time of crisis now, I guess its time for everyone to strive to become stronger, so I decided to try translating the meaning of the song to english so that everyone can understand what he is trying to say. Having lots of fun! 胸襟百千丈眼光万里长 xiōng jīn bǎi qiān zhàng yǎn guāng wàn lǐ cháng From their tower, they can see it all (TEEN TITANS!) That translation differs slightly from yours, and I’d like to offer it for academic comparison. 2. Is it the same as the word ‘man’, or does it have a different meaning? Sometimes, a single word can convey more than one meaning at the same time. […] This blog post came as a result of a request from the user Lis P. who posted a comment on my blog entry Lyrics of 男儿当自强 […]. Ardent just like the rays of the red sun The typical issue when translating from one language to another is that every words has multiple meaning. I have bold the the differences in chinese characters for interest sake, 傲气傲笑万重浪 So, does it mean that 汉 means specifically a chinese man? Feel free to look around my blogsite. There are still lots of song translation posted, hello tben , i am a couch working in an village elementary school in East Java-Indonesia, i am train the children there to mastery volley ball game , sometime i was so down when my children cannot achieved some skills,but whenever i hear this great song , my frustration fade away and i re-obtained my spirit – yes it’s right the most important thing is spirit ,…thank so much for upload this meaning full content….this year our school stand as 3rd champion in the district (kecamatan) level volleyball championship , and this song contribute to our success , 1 gain thank you so much, Wow.. Walking in firm steps and standing upright let us all aspire to be a pillar of the society, and to be a hero Using our hundredfold warmth, to bring forth a thousandfold brilliance Be a hero Being ardent and with strong courage Shine brighter than the sun” – “A Man Should Strengthen Himself” […], Thank you for your kind comments . The green wave is high and powerful. Thank you for your comments, i would love to see your comments on my other blog entries…, Was looking for a good one for quite a while, The song is really one of my favourites, and has been for several years , Glad you like it. Watching the stature and grandure of jade coloured waves He does read nor speak Chinese. I hope you don’t mind that I use it for a youtube video, I’ll post your link in the description box (if not, I just won’t upload it). Beyblade, Beyblade Let it rip! 做个好汉子 I have updated 昂步. Thank u for your suggestions, I actually considered to use “honorable” for 好汉 but then, I was taking, I have used strengthening himself, , which makes it look like a physical action. I hope that you don’t mind. ( Log Out /  (at least for me…), thank you for dropping by and thank you for enjoying the translation. And I do not use literal translation often because a lot of times, expression tend to lose their implied meaning when translated literally. This chinese song is very manly, and I think the Apostle Paul would love it! Thank you so much for your comment, and i hope to hear more from you soon. i have always appericiated chinese people for their hard work and dedications.well do keep up the good work, Hi Ricky Lyrics to 'Ben 10 Theme Song' by Imitator Tots: It started when an alien device did what it did it stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid now he's got superpowers he's no ordinary kid he's BEN 10 Love is one of the strongest feelings human beings can rely on, even when there's nothing out there for them. I like the lyrics of the song as well.. However, i feel that the implied meaning was something more positive. Go open the sky and split the earth Using our hundredfold warmth, to bring forth a thousandfold of brilliance They are mainly extracts of sermons from my church as well as my own study of the scriptures. Thank your for your comments. even brighter than the light of the sun. I know that there are videos of the Cantonese version with Chinese/English subtitles and pinyin. 做个好汉子 Ben 10 Lyrics: It started when an alien device did what it did / And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid / Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid / He's Ben 10 (Ben 10 Be a hero O-O-Onion. TV Theme Song Lyrics. I am happy that now you could appreciate the lyrics of the song. (碧波高涨) Information and translations of Ben 10 in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. is there a version that I can sing in english? In order to become a hero, One should strive to become stronger everyday Let's Fight an epic Battle, Face off, and spin the metal, No time for doubt now, no place for backing down, Beyblade, Beyblade Let it rip! I really enjoy reading his translation, and I can fully see his emphasis. I am really surprised with this topic. and eyelight to see a thousand miles. Chinese (language) Lets continue to remain strong… Happy new year to you . and my spirit rise up,, https://tben.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/lyrics-of-%E6%88%91%E6%98%AF%E8%B0%81%EF%BC%9F/. I am glad that the song managed to teach the children spirit. I can listen to it every day and it represents the Kung Fu training in a so exact and deep way. I’m from South Africa, I come from the nation called amaZulu which is a very large and well respected nation. Today's another day! Great to see your comments and hope to hear more from you one day. 5 … I heard that an elementary teacher in China has translated a “singable” english version. 去开天辟地为我理想去闯 qù kāi tiān bì de wèi wǒ lǐ xiǎng qù chuǎng Apple and Onion! 做个好汉子每天要自强 Allowing the sky and sea to amass energy for me 热血像那红日光 rè xuè xiàng nà hóng rì guāng With big steps and an upright chest, It is interesting to know that the tune of the song actually came from a chinese folk song called The General’s Mandate” 將軍令. That was how the traditional folk song sound like.. I will try my best to fin done. Every day before Kung Fu /Tai Chi Chuan classes I hear this song and remember about the translation, great music, great lyrics. 又看碧空广阔浩气扬 For me, I am a non martial arts practitioner.. and a project manager by profession, so my translation tend to focus more on the virtues and qualities of a Individual (in a more general sense). Well. An embracing chest, thousands of yards wide, It started when an alien device did what it did It stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid Now he's got superpowers he's ne him you might be in for a big surprise He'll turn into and alien before your … Thank you, Lyrics of 男儿当自强 (A Man Should Strengthen Himself) | The Hesitant Prize Fighter, […] I am a man and I must strive to strengthen myself. Even students who aren’t fluent in English often know the words of popular songs phonetically, which makes these songs ideal resources for teaching your students certain forms of grammar, as well as vocabulary.Many students are happy to work with the unusual phrasing of song lyrics, because they’re learning … I see that it shares the same han from 汉语, ‘chinese language’. 1. Yea.. unfortunately I have not been able to find any place to do Cantonese “pinyin” for use on my blog.. and I can only use “hanyu pinyin” My son is a Canadian Born Chinese. In fact I believe there must be countless others.. For that version I believe is one of the others, I cannot identify the voice in this clip.. Maybe some of my other readers may want to try, Thanks for visiting my blog, feel free to look around. (Some Chinese phrases are 2-4 words). Shine brighter than the sun, Those who are curious hows the original song “The General’s Mandate” 將軍令 sounds like, here is the youtube of it, i think this is a great song with great significance . With the device that he wears on his arm, he can change his shape and save the world from harm! Having courage like forge iron and bones as hard as refined steel I believe my sensei translated it himself, because I’ve never found this translation online: With fierce courage 胸襟百千丈眼光万里长 He tried to use more direct literal translation than me.. I hope to see more of your visit soon. (*) Read or print original Theme Song lyrics 2021 updated! The opening theme song is played by Parry Gripp. D chinese r truly great minds. Thanks for visiting my site, hope to hear more from you “), It is good to know that.. thank you for your comment.. Hope to hear from you again, ah… just yesterday I rewatched Once Upon a Time in Chine, this song is really nostalgic mmm…, haha i like all the shows in that Series too… Thank you for visiting my site, Your translation is truly brilliant. Thank you for your comments and hope to hear from you again one day. Singer: Jackie Chan, George Lam and many others before, (Stanza 1) A very awesome blog post. Ben 10! 热血热肠热 Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson, his ten-year-old paternal first-cousin Gwen, and their paternal Grandpa Max start their summer camping trip. You should be able to see it soon, Here are the translation you have requested Bocquelet sent Locket various production images, and Locket felt the show needed a bright and quirky theme with a good vibe to match the feeling of the colorful art styles. An ardent man shines brighter than the sun, (Stanza 2) Hi There.. 胆似铁打骨似精钢 I am glad you like the translation and commentary. This song is sung by Imitator Tots. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. But none of the Mandarin version (not including Jackie Chan version). I am male, and i was looking for the Wong fei Hong lyrics. Wonderful and deep lyrics from a Chinese folk song. to shine forth a thousand beams of radiant light. Among the comments I think Melissa shared a version, but i do not think its singable. at the same time watching the vastness  jade coloured sky,  let our noble spirit soar, I am a man and I must strive to strengthen myself. I believe there are quite a lot of them around on youtube and other sites. Walking in firm steps and standing upright let us all aspire to be a pillar of the society, and to be a hero Spin now your bey now, bring on the power! . Ben goes stomping off into the woods after another fight with Gwen, whom he is not happy to have along on the trip, and finds an alien pod on the ground. Hi I was just responding to your translation about a particular part of the song. It was created by Glen Murakami, Sam Register, David Slack, Bob Haney. I’ve used your translation in my humble blog with your link in it. Nojima then wrote the Japanese lyrics, and Ben Sabin is responsible for the English translation. hmm I read a but about the Yoruba culture sometimes ago. like that of the red sun’s light. This song has really inspired me and has changed the way I see things as man, at first I did not understand the lyrics, up until I saw the English translation of the song. I am surprised that I really run into a Nigerian. I can say his is just as accurate. Hello there i was wondering if you know the translation of another song Jackie Chan sang, Who Am I? if I did not remember wrongly, the author had the translation written there as well.. but his translation is slightly different from mine.. i so much love the lyric and the song it self even though an not a Chinese…..but still, I am glad that you like the song… you can find more translation in my site.. feel free to look around, Thank you for posting this. I have translated a few more songs on my blog and feel free to read them in your free time. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. A single Chinese character can carry multiple meanings the word 汉 itself carries for 4 meaning Also, the theme clearly changes keys if you stack the first and second season intros next to each other. *winks*, Thank you for your comment. Tnk u, Thank you for your compliments. Make this son of man’s blood As Ben reaches inside the pod for it, the device attaches p… Vigorous when facing the beatings of ten thousands heavy waves In this song there are many characteristics of a man that I think its quite relevent to our lives now. Actually i read your comments since early febuary, I am just manage to get the lyrics of the song today. I really wish this song never fades away, our children and our grand children and generations to should learn from this song, what really takes to become a man of honour and be respected like shifu Wong Fei Hong, RIP. I like to use the Chinese dictionary in http://www.mdbg.net as it will help you identify the phrase and give you the meaning of the phrase pretty accurately. What does Ben 10 mean? for me gather energy. each one become the beams and the pillars of this ideal. The Lyrics were written by someone called Wong Jim and it is the theme song for the  movie “Once Upon A Time In China”. I am glad your liked the lyrics. I was exactly searching for. He loves this song. 又看碧空广阔浩气扬 yòu kàn bì kōng guǎng kuò hào qì yáng With regards to using of Yao Chu I have explained on the blog post. Obviously, some of the meaning will be compromised. Thanks for such post and please keep it up. I read his translation, I must say that he translated it placing more emphasis on the qualities and virtues of a martial arts practitioner. This is especially thru for Chinese language, as sometimes it expresses meaning beyond the literal translation. With regards to your question. This is a cartoon that cast on Hungama and the most popular cartoon in the world. I am glad to see your comment on the 5th anniversary too.. The duration of song is 01:01. feel free to look around too…. It doesn’t have to be exact. 热血男子热胜红日光, 让海天为我聚能量 ( Log Out /  I hope that the lessons would help the children grow up to be strong and responsible adults too, i really like the song it encourage everyone to be brave or to strong.. George Gendi (Apple) Richard Ayoade (Onion) Apple and Onion! 热血热肠热 Lalah from Wasilla, Ak This song also appeared in the movie Flashdance. Actually the original song “The General’s Mandate” is a military drill song as far I ask I know. And another variation of the song, the music box version, appeared in the summer movie Kamen Rider Build: Be The One. 胆似铁打骨如精钢 dǎn sì tiě dǎ gǔ rú jīng gāng Is that wrong, or does it roughly translate the same as yours when translated into chinese? “Arrogant laughs to the trouble waters, for my blood is as hot as the sun”. Ardent just like the rays of the red sun, I was told that the translation for this part of the song was. I like this theme song from the movie “Once Upon a Time in China” by Jet Li. 做个好汉子每天要自强 zuò gè hǎo hàn zǐ měi tiān yào zì qiáng 即是男儿当自强, 强步挺胸大家做栋梁做好汉 去开辟天地为我理想去闯 I was reading about the Isizulu call, is it like war cry? The device attaches permanently to his wrist and gives him the ability to transform into a numerous variety … this song make me feel like a great martial art,, I did a search around and i found the cantonese lyrics. Thank you so much for the lyrics and translation! Use the heat from my vows and toughness like hard steel. This was the theme song for Teen Titans which aired on Cartoon Network from 2003 until 2006.. Hi, where i can find a youtube video this song with english translation ? It started when an alien device did what it didAnd stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hidNow he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kidHe's Ben 10 (Ben 10)So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,He'll turn into an alien before your very eyesHe's slimy, freaky, fast and strong he's every shape and sizeHe's Ben 10 (Ben 10)Armed with powers, he's on the caseFighting off evil from Earth or spaceHe'll never stop till he makes them pay'Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the dayBen 10 (Ben 10)Ben 10Season 1-2 Opening Theme (English): https://youtu.be/_BakKWbbIB4Season 1-2 Opening Theme (Hungarian): https://youtu.be/gK4tcF0tMC0Season 3-4 Opening Theme (English): https://youtu.be/2GVoCF19AK0Season 3-4 Opening Theme (Hungarian): https://youtu.be/9IopeoFvOt4End Credits (English): https://youtu.be/3STc2V8ST6UBen 10: Alien ForceSeason 1 Opening Theme (English): https://youtu.be/kdBp2Sh--vwSeason 2- 3 Opening Theme (English): https://youtu.be/D0NaPHLeNjYEnd Credits (English): https://youtu.be/go-dxRAN2YsBen 10: Ultimate AlienOpening Theme (English): https://youtu.be/KpKf53kga1kEnd Credits (English): https://youtu.be/1CeffontArg----------------------------------------------------------------More Opening Theme \u0026 End Credits:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuert5gRcKDvPM8MxPZRYKoUZQSrEs3oT---------------------------------------------------------------- it must surely mean something to me. “I’m not just talking about the BPM [beats per minute] of the song, but the song contains many elements of sounds. The most inspiring song in the world for me. Welcome. For sure, I put a link back to this post. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thanks, & well done! Change ). Reblogged this on Quantum Prana – The Dark Matter Guitar and commented: Amuro Namie : "Finally" English Lyrics "Finally" is a song released by Amuro Namie on the avex trax label on November 8th, 2017. Sorry for my late comments as i was busy. For the inciative, your comentary and translation. ty to make it in pinyin also you translate it,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fRUWtuztIY, http://www.jollychirpy.com/lyrics-of-%e7%94%b7%e5%84%bf%e5%bd%93%e8%87%aa%e5%bc%ba-a-man-should-strengthen-himself/, https://tben.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/lyrics-of-%E6%88%91%E6%98%AF%E8%B0%81%EF%BC%9F/, Lyrics Of “我是谁?” | The Hesitant Prize Fighter, Once Upon a Time in China II
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