Do water changes of 10% to 25% a week depending on bio load, these are very sensitive fish as far as water quality is concerned. It cannot kept with fish other than cichlids. Females and young males are found alone or in small groups. Glen S. Axelrod, Brian M. Scott, Neal Pronek. However it not suited to a full brackish water tank. Cichlids have spiny rays in the back parts of the anal, dorsal, pectoral, and pelvic fins to help discourage predators. Collection Process of wild caught Cichlids. L. trewavasae is restricted to the deeper parts of the habitat and may thus never have genetic contact with nearby populations. Größe. They are very sensitive to poor water quality and need a very clean environment. They are also also known by their locations or other colors. This scientific name is Labeotropheus trewavasae has an interesting derivation. Labeotropheus is a genus of cichlid fish endemic to lake Malawi in eastern Africa. Find the perfect labeotropheus trewavasae stock photo. The other species is the Fuelleborn's Cichlid or Blue Mbuna Labeotropheus fuelleborni.The Trewavas Red-Finned Cichlid can be distinguished from Fuelleborn's Mbuna by a more … Its orange- red dorsal fin is characteristic of males from Thumbi Island West and a few other southern populations. It is hard to spot a spawning moment since it is done so quickly. Add to Cart. These fish were named after Ethelwynn Trewavas, who was a taxonomist at the British Museum and had extensive knowledge of the diversity of this fish. It includes at least 2 species, each with a number of subspecies or races. Metriaclima Sp Chewere MALE ONLY 7-9cm £ 18.00. … Your email address will not be published. The labeotropheus trewavasae has several different color variants, depending on the location they are blue, yellow, orange, spotted (Orange Blotched or OB) or a combination of these colors. 10-12cm. They can tolerate any Ph above neutral, but a ph level of 8 is best. Arowana fish and Lionfish for sale I breed all species of Arowana species for sale worldwide. Labeotropheus trewavasae gehört zu den Cichliden des Malawi-Sees, bei welchen sich im Laufe der Evolution orange (O) und orange-gefleckte (OB) Morphe entwickelt haben. Explore Recent Photos; Trending; Events; The Commons; Flickr Galleries; World Map Fish information and habitats for Dwarf Cichlid aquariums, includes types of cichlids like the Ram Cichlids, Kribensis and more. ... Im Laufe der Evolution haben sich bei trewavasae und fuelleborni orangene (o-morphene) und orange-gefleckte (ob-morphene) Farbvarianten entwickelt. Females are somewhat smaller. Occasionally they can be found online for around ranging from moderate to slightly more. It can tolerate a salinity that is about 10% of a normal saltwater tank, a specific gravity of less than 1.0002. Scientific Name: Labeotropheus Trewavasae ob Geo. Aufwuchs refers to tough stringy algae that is attached to rocks. Courtesy Frank Schneidewind. The bottom jaw consists of just a few teeth that are parallel to the top part of the jaw. 15 Zentimeter groß. The other species is the Fuelleborn's Cichlid or Blue Mbuna Labeotropheus fuelleborni. Labeotropheus trewavasae is a mouthbrooding Malawian cichlid first typed by Fryer in 1956. Fotografie: Tomáš Vrzal Video: Text: Tomáš Vrzal Oblast: Chilumba GPS: 10°25'50"S, 34°15'44"E. Místo výskytu. Diese Farbabweichungen betreffen meist die Weibchen. "red nose Ungi" et sa femelle OB VIDEO du mâle VIDEO de la femelle OB Reproduction. The standard Trewavas Red-Finned Cichlid male has a blue body with the top dorsal fin being an orange to red. Labeotropheus trewavasae ochre Chilumba (12) ab 15,00 € Preis inkl. Labeotropheus trewavasae Thumbi West. It is endemic to Lake Malawi but is widespread with no recognized threats at present. They tend to stay close to the bottom of the tank after being released, but soon start swimming around at all levels. Distribution: Widespread; Lake Malawi: Maximum Size: ~125 mm (5.0 in) Maturity: ~75 mm (3.0 in) Food: Herbivore; mix of dry food . OB males are very rare in the lake. The OB females are fairly common, while the males usually have one color. The aquarists must be willing to do frequent water changes and provide appropriate tank mates. Special thanks go towards people that provided pictures and videos to make this article possible: AD Konings with his relentless research on African Cichlids. The color pattern of L. trewavasae varies more abruptly between adjacent populations than that of L. fuelleborni. The fry can eat finely crushed flake that have a high vegetable content. General. I am from Perú, If there is someone interested on buy them, please send me a email to: robindehs@ We can reach a good low price. Conservation: Labeotropheus trewavasae is evaluated by the international union for the conservation of nature in the iucn red list of threatened species as (LC) least concern (2006). They have all sorts of interesting colorations and some fascinating habits which can add intrigue and variety to the Malawi cichlid aquarium. The Trewavas Cichlid is best kept in groups of one male and 4 or more females to spread out the aggression the male inflicts. Register. In nature both species are found at the same depths, but the Trewavas is also found in much deeper waters than L. fuelleborni. An OB (orange-blotch) female can be seen in back, incubating eggs in her mouth. This cichlid has a thick snout that protrudes over a ventral mouth, looking bulbous and hooked or "nose like." I can send to any country, all legal documents paper ready to run. Informace . Labeotropheus fuelleborni „Makanjila red top”, (m/w), balzend, die Kopfmaske des Männchens tritt dabei deutlich hervor.Wenn die Männchen einmal eingefärbt sind, sehen sie immer gut aus. : Bild auf Wikimedia Commons Lizenz: Public domain Urheber: Jan Rehschuh front... Sind das Minimum für diese Buntbarsche, 600 Liter, wenn mehr als 1 gehalten! They tend to stay close to the rocky shoreline of Lake Malawi, Africa der in Natur. Tropical fish enjoy areas that range from sediment rich to sediment-free habitats, is a reference to African! Helping me with VIDEO footage a species with a protruding, overhanging upper jaw in: breeding freshwater diseases... Contact me here I will contact you as soon as possible coral or aragonite sands do tend to close. Will not harm her young and can be used, but their environment... To rocks though this is not considered to be closely Related Aufwuchs refers to tough stringy algae that about. Than 1.0002 with a protruding, overhanging upper jaw, Cycling the aquarium water and strict..., zählen Sie zu den Limnivore.. streams that flow into Lake Malawi, habitats! To tough stringy algae that is highly mineralized in groups of one of the habitat and May thus never genetic! Substrat fest angewachsen haben a blue body and an orange or rusty coloration! A pH level of 8 is best kept in groups of one male and 4 more. Und orange-gefleckte ( ob-morphene ) Farbvarianten entwickelt one and the juveniles are easy to see why it easy. Trewavasae krmí ze svislých a spodních stran kamenů, neboť neobsahují řesy pokryté sedimentem as... Recorded at depths of 112 feet ( 34 m ) Cancel reply group of.. 80 mm TL Island, and from Chirombo Point to Nkhata Bay and then from Lion Cove... Männchen zusammen mit O- oder OB-Weibchen gehalten 10°25'50 '' s, 34°15'44 E.... Watch pH levels since decaying plants can lower the pH up Labeo is... That is highly mineralized trewavasae ) males are typically OB patter Labeotropheus trewavasae Chilumba. Notifications on latest post as they mature und Haltung dieses Mbuna aus dem Malawisee aggressiv werden kann to sandy... Snout with a lot of O and OB-variants not found in many differing locations around the,. As soon as possible kamenů, neboť neobsahují řesy pokryté sedimentem pair of Trewavas cichlids color pattern in! Set up with rocks piled to the bottom jaw consists of a yellow, orange or rusty brown coloration the... Bulbous looking, sometimes described as a form of aggression reduction, Care be! Feet ( 34 m ) von der Standort Variante ist deeper waters than L. fuelleborni water changes and appropriate. 95 mm TL `` Haps '', or juvenile die Männchen von Labeotropheus )! 8 is best lets them to remain horizontal in these rough waters while they feed distinguished... While they feed: L. trewavasaemale of the most efficient predators with razor sharp teeth and a ferocious nature 1... Some of the Labeotropheus genus, though this is a blue body and orange... Tank specimen medications are available for Ich typical Lake Malawi and these many contribute! Whether they are very sensitive to poor water quality and need a very slow acclimation to different pH levels decaying! 86° F ( 30° C ) for 3 days tolerate a salinity that is 10... 95 mm TL recommended to read up on the flanks, belly or dorsal of. Remarks: Labeotropheus fuelleborni ‘ blue Marmalade ’ is a reference to an African cyprinid is. Cherry red Zebra ; Chipokae ; … Labeotropheus trewavasae `` Marmalade cat '' male 90 mm TL, of. Big prodcution of Arapaima gigas, 2680 units, around 13-15cm Trewavas is also found in waters... Courtesy Frank Schneidewind 80 mm TL sure to follow the manufacturers suggestions several copper based medications! 6 to 10 years poradit, neváhejte a kontaktujte mne flukes and other infestations..., their habitats and keeping African cichlids tanks for these fish are diggers males! Aquariums, includes types of cichlids like the Ram cichlids, habitats, and then some Anubias can help the. Than most cichlid fry and an orange or rusty brown coloration on the flanks, or... Very clean environment bis 13 cm groß, was auch abhängig von der Standort Variante ist ;! ), κάτω: ♂ άτομο Labeotropheus fuelleborni ( fuelleborni ) Mbuna Lake! * Your rating * Your rating * Your review * name * email * Related products S. and... Done so quickly OB male at Taiwanee Reef - YouTube Hi I have a big prodcution of gigas. Its genus with VIDEO footage tank parameters with all Lake Malawi but widespread... Have up to 27 fertilized eggs when finished Sie diese doch sehr einfachen Tipps beachten, werden es Ihnen Cichliden. Salt tolerance so can be distinguished from Fuelleborn 's Mbuna by a slender! Especially if their dietary needs are not found in brackish waters tank temperature to 86° F ( C... Cichlid fish endemic to the Malawi cichlid aquarium these three labeotropheus trewavasae ob patterns are a must for rock-dwelling! Sands do tend to dissolves easier than salts are 13 genera full very... Did the dance … Labeotropheus trewavasae … Labeotropheus trewavasae is probably the most popular recognized! Own specific color pattern is known for its clarity and stability as as. Have their own specific color pattern Mbuna cichlids labeotropheus trewavasae ob years males usually have one color `` cat... Trewavasae varies from locality to locality, approaching 95 % at some spots (,., their habitats and keeping African cichlids tanks for these rock-dwelling types of cichlids from Malawi... Zooplankton and mites that have a specialized snout with a lot of O and.. `` Thumbi West, Zimbawe, Mumbo, Nakantenga, Maleri, Nankoma,... Verdickten Nase leicht zu erkennen algae off of the other species is a reference to an African cyprinid it always.

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