This fly is particularly effective for fresh steelhead in clear or low water situations. Box of Eggs in Various Color Combinations. If you fish for trout or steelhead in any part of the world, it is essential that you carry an egg fly in your box! The problem with most big ‘intruder’ style flies is the amount of material that you have to cast. If you hook a fish, mark the spot because it will hold fish again and again, year after year. But that is the magic of steelheading. There are a multitude of factors you have to consider including water levels, water clarity, water temperature, weather and time of the year. I had no idea what I was doing, but I tied on an egg pattern and a strike indicator and casted up into a riffle. Change your egg pattern. Tandem fly rigs are the norm when targeting steelhead. This fly has been around since the 1930s, and there is a reason why. When this is the case, I have found patterns larger than naturals to be the most effective. Approaching the likely steelhead water often causes the suckers to scatter, which in turn spooks the steelhead. There are many theories as to “Why do steelhead enter our rivers in the fall?”, but there is no clear, general accepted theory. Some think curious steelhead follow the salmon as they run up the river to spawn, others hypothesize that they are genetically programmed to enter rivers at that time of year. Jigs, lures Some Erie steelheaders fish only microjigs, varying color, size (1/80-ounce, 1/64-ounce and 1/32-ounce), and material (bucktail or marabou) to meet different conditions. These days… Patterns like sucker spawn in pale yellow imitate that of both suckers and walleye, where the natural characteristics of Nuke Eggs and Glo Bugs in various colors and hues can be identical to those of natural steelhead eggs drifting down the river. Hey David here the maker of Guide Recommended. Steelhead Eggs. Learn your favorite river, the spawning times of the various species, and what works in particular conditions and key in on what steelhead are eating. Here it is, along with the fly line and backing I used: 150 yards of 30# backing Royal Wulff #6 Triangle Taper floating fly lineContinue Reading The Pick Yer’ Pocket pattern is one of my favorite steelhead flies because it looks fishy, stands out in the water, and it is easy to cast. Conversely, an 11' to 12' rod feels right at home on smaller coastal rivers in the west, and the majority of Great Lakes tributaries... Once you've decided the correct length, the line size should be dictated by two factors. The two best steelhead books to get you started:A Passion for Steelhead by Dec Hogan, and Steelhead Fly Fishing by Trey Combs. Fish will usually come over to check out the leech, and then take the small egg or nymph that I run about eighteen inches behind it. Catching trout? To learn more about fishing eggs for steelhead, read, Egg Patterns. I didn’t count how many casts I made before I hooked another steelhead, but I am sure the number is in the thousands. These are seventeen of my favorite flies for catching steelhead. The Hare’s Ear is a tried and true pattern that works from New Zealand to Montana, and it is a great pattern for catching steelhead as well. With a wide variety of eggs to feed on, steelhead will often get locked into a certain size, shape and smell that is preferred over all the rest. For just about any color egg, white UTC 70 Denier thread is just fine. I’ve now been fishing this pattern for four years now and have found great success with it. These beads are designed to look just like a real salmon egg; they even have the same buoyancy. Often the steelhead and suckers will be competing for the same gravel. I have now shared my four favorite steelhead nymph patterns with fly tying instructions and a fly tying video for each of them. Q: What is the best size fly for steelhead? It's a simple fact. I often fish this as a lead fly with an egg tied-on off the bend. Matching the Hatch is often associated with trout fishing, but not necessarily with Steelhead fishing. Make sure that you do not skimp on your hook. I utilize both methods, and mixing in twitches and small strips during the drift and swing can also produce good numbers of fish. The flies are rigged close together (6 inches or less) so the steelhead can see both flies at the same time. A popular Great Lakes fly, the “Bear’s” Hex si a larger nymph that tumbles through those dark waters. Some of these color combinations include: Egg over Sockeye, Pink Lady over Shrimp Pink, Apricot Supreme over Steelhead Orange, Salmon Egg over Chartreuse or Nuke Egg everyone’s favorite – spring or fall: Oregon Cheese over Steelhead Orange. If you are fishing this fly beneath an indicator, let it swing at the end of the drift and hang it in the current. "When it comes to finding the right Spey rod... the best length really depends on how far you need to cast. Otter’s Soft Milking Egg is effective because it is realistic. There is nothing more heartbreaking that throwing a couple thousand casts and then losing a big buck because your hook straightened out. Big bucks (male steelhead) hate little rainbow trout because they will hang out behind hens (female steelhead) in hopes of inseminating her eggs. The Copper John is tied with different colored copper wire and a bead head, usually tungsten. I like to fish the Flashback Hare’s Ear beneath a strike indicator in clear water conditions when the weather is clear. Steelhead rest behind these structures, and if you bounce a Copper John off their nose, most of the time you’ll end up with a piece of chrome lightning. The top fly is typically the egg and the bottom fly a bead-head nymph or streamer. My favorite dry fly for steelhead is the Steelhead Bomber. Steelhead and the Stonefly. I’m super passionate about everything fly fishing fishing; writing, teaching and even video.

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