24/7 Crisis Hotline

Bright Future Foundation administers Eagle County’s only 24/7 crisis line. Advocates, trained in the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, safety planning, suicide assessment and crisis management, provide confidential support and referral services to individuals and families. The hotline is often the entry point for clients to discover many of our other services.

Any person who has been the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault is encouraged to call the crisis line at 970-949-7086.

Toll free is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).  Both English and Spanish speaking advocates are available.

Each year, Bright Future Foundations’s trained hotline advocates volunteer over 15,000 hours to ensure all crisis calls are answered day or night.

Get Help and Get Educated

Bright Future Foundation encourages those affected by domestic violence or sexual assault to view our suggestions to Get Help and Get Educated.  Please visit these resource pages to learn ways you can increase your personal safety, or how you can help a family member, loved one or friend regarding domestic violence or sexual assault.

Behavioral Health

Bright Future Foundation provides therapeutic services for individuals and families affected by violence, including teens and children. All counseling services are free and confidential. Counseling services deliver the psychological tools necessary to process trauma and initiate recovery. In fact, counseling is Bright Future Foundation’s most requested area of service.

Bright Future Foundation significantly expanded the Family Counseling and Psychological Services Program after determining that clients have better results in reaching long term recovery by working in-house with a single organization. Bright Future Foundation assists 150 clients each year each in English and Spanish with mental health services.

Legal Advocacy and Representation

Victims are often overwhelmed by complex court and legal proceedings. Bright Future Foundation’s legal advocates guide clients through the maze of the civil and criminal justice system. Legal advocacy is provided to all impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. Additionally, Bright Future provides legal representation to low income individuals and families impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Our attorney, on average, provides legal advocacy for 120 clients in Eagle County, including assisting clients with filing protection orders and legal representation.

Case Management

Our agency focuses on long-term recovery with the goal of self-sufficiency and self-efficacy. Essentially, our services support clients throughout the transition from “victim” to “survivor.” We embrace a holistic view of recovery, which addresses the psychological, economic, medical, and legal implications of abuse. This approach streamlines our clinical process, and consequently reduces the potential for unnecessary distress among clients.

Bright Future Foundation serves over 800 individuals and families per year with crisis intervention, advocacy, and long term healing services.

Economic Justice

Many understand domestic violence as physical harm; however, economic abuse is a component of domestic violence as well. Financial abuse can be devastating and can ruin credit and create legal issues. Bright Future Foundation offers several resources.

Bright Future Foundation’s Economic Justice Program includes:

  • Financial education
  • Budgeting and financial counseling
  • Debt management and consolidation
  • Credit management and financial planning