Bright Future Foundation has a volunteer governing board. Members are chosen for their initiative, integrity, analytical ability, sensitivity and leadership and are from diverse sectors of the community. Board members are our spokespeople in the community, promoting the mission, vision and values of Bright Future Foundation to the public.

Board of Directors

  • Winslow Blankenship, M.D.
  • Kelley Collier
  • Craig Ferraro, Vice President
  • Tonya Frank
  • Amy Goscha
  • Yvonne Jacobs
  • Amy Keller, President
  • Allison Krausen
  • Sheri Mintz, Chief Executive Officer
  • Rachel Nelson
  • Steven Suggs
  • Lissa Tyler
  • Mia Vlaar
  • Colleen Weiss-Hanen, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Deborah Wittman