Our Mission

Purpose Statement

Making Futures Bright: changing lives affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse.


Bright Future Foundation’s Vision Statement

The hundreds of families we serve annually see us as a safe harbor, helping them to build trusting connections and relationships, developing their self-esteem and self-sufficiency, and empowering their future.

   We transform their lives.

Our local community embraces us warmly as a caring, trusted partner, helping in our endeavor to make the places we live and work safe for all and violence free.

   We transform our communities.

Our donors, board, staff, and committed volunteers feel the fierce pride of helping to prevent violence and sexual abuse through awareness, education, and respectful listening, knowing this work may be our finest human endeavor.

   We transform ourselves.


Values Statement- Bright Future Foundation empowers survivors through POWER:

P – Prioritizing prevention

O – Outreach

W – Work

E – Encouragement

R – Respect

Bright Future Foundation’s History

Bright Future Foundation began as a grassroots organization, then known as The Resource Center of Eagle County. The mission of The Resource Center was to help women and children affected by domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In November 1983, a nun from Minturn, Colorado ran a newspaper ad asking for help to support local women in crisis. In response, a small circle of women gathered at the chapel to discuss the issues, chart a course of action, and pass the hat to fund the first mailing of the new organization. The organization was incorporated and registered with the state of Colorado as a nonprofit in February 1984, and eventually became Bright Future Foundation.

Today, Bright Future Foundation offers a full complement of professional services that help to break the generational cycle of violence by providing immediate relief to families in need. Bright Future Foundation provides proactive and culturally sensitive programs that create sustainable emotional, behavioral, and community change.