Youth Advocacy Programs

Domestic violence and child abuse often occur together and pose a significant threat to children and teens. It is estimated that between 3.5 and 10 million children witness domestic abuse each year and over 3 million reports of child abuse are made annually. Bright Future Foundation’s youth advocacy division provides comprehensive prevention, intervention and recovery services to youth affected by child abuse, teen dating violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. Youth Advocacy provides the tools, skills, and confidence youth need to successfully break free from the generational cycle of abuse.

Educational Outreach/Violence Prevention

Bright Future Foundation has formed a strong, collaborative relationship with the Eagle County School District and offers a variety of school-based programs for at- risk youth. In-school and after-school outreach programs focus on preventing violence in the home and social settings, reducing risk factors associated with becoming a victim, increasing factors to protect against violence, and developing healthy relationships.

2018 EVLT woman and girl

Hot Spot Mapping

Hot Spot Mapping engages students in mapping their school space identifying “safe” and “unsafe” spaces. Safe spaces are those where students feel welcome, connected, and that they are supported in their learning and emotional growth. We compile the information gathered and then engage students in conversations about why certain areas are safe, why they might only feel safe for some students and not others, and what creates a safe space. We do the same for unsafe spaces. By looking at what creates a positive, safe space, we seek to impact policy to replicate the underlying positives throughout the school and the school district. We are currently in all the middle schools for Eagle Valley and over the next years will expand to elementary schools and the community at large.